Semifinal Draft: (3) Poor Shark vs. (2) Voice of Soul.

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By Monty Ashley

There was much good-natured laughter as the teams waited to start the draft.

Poor Shark (left side of table): Masahiko Morita, Tomomi Otsuka, Masahiro Kuroda

Voice of Soul (right side of table): Takao Higaki, Tadayoshi Komiya, Tsuyoshi Douyama

Komiya opened the firs tpack and immediately signalled his intentions by putting his hand over the Rout. Douyama was pleased as well to get a Power Armor. Adding a Sunscape Apprentice and a Quirion Trailblazer in the pack, he seemed okay with the defensive strategy implied in his first-pick Teferi's Moat from the second pack.

Morita's pack, the first one that gave the first three cards all to one team, provided a Shackles, Plague Spores, and Exotic Curse. A powerful Sleeper's Robe made it all the way around to Douyama, who now seemed to be blue-white-black.

Otsuka's pack gave her a Soul Burn and Kuroda a Thornscape Apprentice, with a Vicious Kavu going to Higaki, who was working on a red-green deck to go along with Komiya's black-blue-white and Douyama's red-green-white.

When Morita opened his second Invasion pack (that fed directly into his team), he was happy to take a Treva and give Otsuka an Annihilate. Even Kuroda was happy with his third-pick Benalish Trapper.

In the Planeshift packs, there were plenty of Magma Bursts and Rushing Rivers to go around. Morita's pack gave his team a Lava Zombie, Phyrexian Scuta, and Hobble; Otsuka's pack gave her team the choice of giving her red-black deck Terminate or a Magma Burst; they went with the Burst after a certain amount of nonverbal discussion.

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