Semifinals Dominik Hothow vs. Bob Maher, Jr.

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By Kim Eikefet

Game Three

Dominik is down 0-2, and he chooses to play first. If Bob Maher, Jr. wins this game, he is the Pro Tour Player of the Year.

Turn one :
D: Play Karplusan Forest
D: Play Birds of Paradise

M: Play Saprazzan Skerry

Turn two :
D: Play Rishadan Port
D: Play Yavimaya Elder

M: Play Island
M: Play Grim Monolith
M: Play Thran Dynamo
M: Play Metalworker

Turn three :
D: Play Forest
D: Attack with Yavimaya Elder
D: Play Arc Lightning the Metalworker and Maher

M: Play Island
M: Play Voltaic Key
M: Play Masticore
M: Shoot the Birds of Paradise

Turn four :
D: Play Rishadan Port

M: Discard Tinker to Masticore

D: Port the Saprazzan Skerry

M: Shoot the Yavimaya Elder

D: Sacrifice it, get a Mountain and a Forest

Turn five :
D: Play forest
D: Play Yavimaya Elder

M: Shoot the Elder

D: Sacrifice it, get a Mountain and a Forest

M: Upkeep, discard Tinker to Masticore
M: Attack Masticore
M: Tinker away a Monolith to get a Phyrexian Processor, pay ten life
M: Make a token

Turn six :
D: Play Forest
D: Play Splinter on the Masticore
D: Play Birds of Paradise

M: Attack with token

D: Chump blocks with the Birds of Paradise

M: Play Tangle Wire

Turn seven :
D: Play Uktabi Orangutan, kill the processor

Dominik scoops.

Bob Maher, Jr. 3 - Dominik Hothow 0

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