Semifinals Feature Match - Sean Tracy vs. Justin Bryant

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Monty Ashley

Sean Tracy, the number one seed after the Swiss, started game one off with a Mountain and a Rishadan Port. Justin Bryant got a Seal of Fire out, and then started losing lands to Tracy's barrage of Stone Rains. At the end of Tracy's fourth turn, he had two Rishadan Ports and two Mountains, while Bryant had one Port and one Mountain. At the end of turn six, Tracy had access to three active Rishadan Ports, or he could opt to use his Dust Bowl to whittle away Bryant's nonbasic land.

Tracy's first creature was an Avalanche Riders, which killed Bryant's only remaining land, and it joined the other five lands in the graveyard. By the end of the game, Bryant had nine land in his graveyard and none in play, while Tracy had twelve land in play, including four Rishadan Ports and two Ghitu Encampments.

It took him awhile to finish Bryant off, but Bryant could do nothing except discard uncastable spells turn after turn. After a big Cave In, the Ghitu Encampments eventually dealt lethal damage.

Tracy 1 - Bryant 0


Between games, the competitors agreed that if Bryant had gone first, the game would have gone differently. "It's all about the Ports," commented Bryant.

Bryant's opening hand for Game Two had four Mountains, a Ghitu Encampment, a Stone Rain, and a Masticore. He kept the hand, and the players traded Stone Rains and Pillages for a few turns with Bryant getting the upper hand. With three cards in hand, and up four lands to three, Bryant played the Masticore, which Tracy answered with a (promptly Seal-of-Fired) Avalanche Riders.

Bryant lost a card to Tracy and considered Pillaging one of Bryant's lands, but decided not to run himself out of cards just yet. Then Tracy played a Lightning Dragon.

The game was over a few turns after that, and Tracy apologized to his opponent for a lopsided match.

Tracy 2 - Bryant 0

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