Semifinals - Kim Brebach vs Justin West

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Luke Hancock and Dane Coltman

Justin West, playing an innovative Pirates deck, was matched up against Kim Brebach playing Trinity with a splash of white for Armageddon.

Game 1

In a shock in Game 1, Kim mulliganed first on a 50/50 hand and found that his next hand had no land. Both the second and the third mulligan hands had the same problem. Kim therefore decided to concede the first game in a record time.

West leads 1-0

Game 2

This game decided to continue somewhat longer than the first game. Justin this time mulliganed and kept his next hand of six cards. Kim began the game with a Llanowar Elf and then played a 3rd turn Tangle Wire, the first in a total of 4 Wires played during the game. Justin had a slow start to the game and was on the defensive for the majority of the game as Kim played an 8th turn Armageddon to clear the board. The game stalled out for a number of turns while both players were attempting to draw land off the top of their decks, and Brebach's cheaper mana sources found him the mana advantage. Playing very cautiously and slowly, Kim managed to find the advantage through a Deranged Hermit and another Armageddon in the late game to break West's defenses. Kim played the final creature in a Masticore to kill West's final blocker, a Rishadan Footpad, and send the match to the 3rd game.

Even 1-1

Game 3

Getting off to his typically fast start, Kim came out with first turn Bird. In an attempt to stop the speedup, Justin snapped the bird and brainstormed. To further shutdown his mana base he dropped in a Cursed Totem, rendering the Elves and Birds Useless. Despite the inability to use his creature Kim dropped a cradle and brought out a Blastoderm. Even multiple hibernations was not enough to stop Kim, as he dropped green monster after green monster, eventually topping out the curve with Masticore and Tangle Wire. There was nothing left for Justin to do but accept defeat and extend the hand.

Brebach wins 2-1

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