Semifinals: Poor Shark vs. Voice of Law

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By Monty Ashley

Masahiro Morita vs. Takao Higaki

Game 1

The first game started quickly, as Morita's Sunscape Apprentice suffered from Cursed Flesh, allowing Higaki's phyrexian battleflies to roar in. The Higaki attacks continued, augmented by a Morgue Toad, even after Morita played a Stone Kavu, thanks to a surprise Stun.

Morita was forced to Restrain to avoid the ignominious fate of dying to Battleflies, but his Kavu Squad (kavu climber and stone kavu) worried Higaki enough that he dumped his hand, playing Duskwalker and Shivan Emissary both without kicker, just so he could have some blockers.

It didn't prove to be a good long-term plan, as he lost all but two of his creatures and all but 3 of his life while not putting a dent in the Morita army. In the end, the Battleflies weren't enough.

Morita leads, 1-0

Game 2

Higaki started the action with a second-turn Ravenous Rats, getting a Benalish Lancer. Things got more exciting quickly as his Hooded Kavu, Caldera Kavu and Nightscape Apprentice were met by a Benalish Trapper and Crimson Acolyte.

After Higaki puit out a few more creatures, Morita deemed it appropriate to play a second Crimson Acolyte and a Treva's Attendant, which got immediately Plague Sporesed, since Morita was tapped out of White. The Power Armor that came out next seemed to worry Higaki, as well it might. However, he had six creatures to Morita's three, and with those numbers, it doesn't really matter how bit the creatures are.

Higaki was able to get two points in per turn, using either the Hooded Kavu or Phyrexian Battleflies (depending on which one got tapped by Morita's Benalish Trapper), and Morita was down to 8 before he made his first attack. It was with an Armadillo Cloaked Crimson Acolyte, which is a pretty good creature.

Higaki's next attack, while costly (thanks to a Morita Explosive Growth), knocked Morita back down to 7, but he was close to holding his own in the exchanges, while whittling down Higaki's life total at the same time. Then he got out a Charging Troll. The Ravenous Rats finally met their end, throwing themselves in front of the Troll, and a game that had been 14-8 in favor of Higaki was suddenly 14-8 the other way when the Power Armor boosted the Crimson Acolyte.

Higaki conceded, and Team Poor Shark exchanged relieved sighs.

Result: Morita wins, 2-0

Tomomi vs. Tadayoshi Komiya

In the middle match, which was just starting Game 2, with Voice of Soul (personified by Komiya) up, 1-0, Hanna, Ship's Navigator made an appearance on the Komiya side, while Otsuka cheerfully attacked with various Kavu (ancient kavu and kavu recluse). They may not be Legendary, but they're still strong.

Hanna began to get worried when a Slingshot Goblin came on the scene. Komiya hastily Repulsed it, lest his only creature die to a lowly goblin. It came right back out, however, and Hanna used a Silver Drake's gating ability to hide in the safety of Komiya's hand.

So safe was Komiya's hand, in fact, that no creatures seemed willing to come out and fight, and Otsuka rolled to a fairly quick victory.

Otsuka leads, 1-0

While this game was shuffling, Masahiro Kuroda won his match against Tsuyoshi Douyama, so Poor Shark won the match. However, for the sake of pride, the players in Seat B played it out.

Game 3

Things went better for Komiya, as Otsuka's Ravenous Rats was clearly not the equal of an Urborg Drake with an Angelic Shield standing by. And when Komiya put out a Phyrexian Infiltrator on turn four, things didn't look good at all.

And then there was a Tek to deal with, too. It was "just" a 4/4 Flyer, but since the only thing alive on Otsuka's side was a Kavu Runner, it was understandable that she felt the need to use Plague Spores to get out of trouble.

A timely Magma Burst seemed like the answer to Otsuka's prayers, but she still had only one creature, and Komiya's Stormscape Battlemage (with kicker) dealt with it swiftly and decisively.

And then he played a Stalking Assassin and Hanna, leaving him with no cards in hand.

Ostsuka conceded.

Result: Tadayoshi Komiya wins, 2-1

Final Result: Poor Shark wins, 2-1

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