Shadows over Innistrad Art—Week 2

Posted in Feature on March 25, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

With so much great art coming out during previews, and hardly a second to catch our breath and truly appreciate it, we thought we'd stop and stare at the roses, so to speak.

So below you'll find some of our favorite art previewed on cards this week.

That's it! Enjoy!

Click any of the images below to enlarge them.

Avacyn’s Judgment | Art by Victor Adame Minguez
Burn from Within | Art by James Ryman
From Under the Floorboards | Art by Steven Belledin
Inexorable Blob | Art by Nils Hamm
Invocation of Saint Traft | Art by Igor Kieryluk
Macabre Waltz | Art by Willian Murai
Prized Amalgam | Art by Karl Kopinski
Seasons Past | Art Christine Choi
The Gitrog Monster | Art by Jason Kang
Triskaidekaphobia | Art by Willian Murai

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