Shadows over Innistrad Update Bulletin

Posted in Feature on April 7, 2016

By Matt Tabak

Senior editor. Game designer. Writer. Bon vivant. Matt wears many hats inside Magic R&D, but they're hard to see as he's so tall.

The only constant is change. Take Innistrad, for example. Once a bleak world of horror and death, it's now a...okay, bad example. But in the world of the Magic trading card game, things change a lot. Each new set brings with it new abilities, new rules, and even some new text for older cards. The Update Bulletin reviews these changes and gives you a small peek into the changes that were made.

There's also a change in rules land to talk about this time. Eli Shiffrin is joining the rules team. Previously, he was a member of an external review team. His work there was so great that when he showed up at the office one day, we were happy to offer him a position. (Note: That's not at all the order in which things happened. Please don't show up here.) I've accepted also a new position as senior editor, although I'll still have some rules management duties for the foreseeable future. Plus, I'll be devoting more of my time to Magic Duels and producing more video content for your eager eyeballs. Welcome, Eli!


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