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Junior Super Series Championship


Round 5 Results - 14 and under Division

Player Opponent Results
Allen Dustin Cole Kirk Lost, 0-2
Altemara Chase Mcbee Sean Lost, 1-2
Anderson Adam Mcpherson Ryan Won, 2-0
Behlen Andrew Lipp Scott Intentional Draw
Bizub Marc Buescher William Lost, 1-2
Blair James Franz Eric Won, 2-0
Blatnick Brandon Lewis Andrew Lost, 0-2
Bowen Benjamin Landers Mark Lost, 0-2
Buescher William Bizub Marc Won, 2-1
Burt Rodney Hartman Nick Intentional Draw
Carroll Brendan Lester Steve Won, 2-0
Chapman Eric Zappelli Joey Won, 2-0
Cole Kirk Allen Dustin Won, 2-0
Cunningham Jeff Kaufman, Craig Won, 2-0
Davis Brian Winnard Marty Lost, 0-2
dela Cruz Jimmy Lamberd Clinton Won, 2-0
Dunning Jacob Hiemstra Aaron Lost, 0-2
Dyke Eric Reidy Ryan Won, 2-0
Elarar Jay Hall Mike Lost, 0-2
Engelken David Levine Jeff Lost, 1-2
Franz Eric Blair James Lost, 0-2
Garner Greg Heule Tyler Won, 2-0
Grandon Kevin Vo Nguyen Won, 2-1
Gray Andrew Orr Jim Won, 2-0
Hadlock Justin Hutchison John David Won, 2-0
Hall Mike Elarar Jay Won, 2-0
Hartman Nick Burt Rodney Intentional Draw
Heule Tyler Garner Greg Lost, 0-2
Hiemstra Aaron Dunning Jacob Won, 2-0
Hutchison John David Hadlock Justin Lost, 0-2
Jordan Michael Percopo Joseph Won, 2-0
Kauffman Jeremy Stern Evan Won, 2-1
Kaufman, Craig Cunningham Jeff Lost, 0-2
Lamberd Clinton dela Cruz Jimmy Lost, 0-2
Landers Mark Bowen Benjamin Won, 2-0
Lester Steve Carroll Brendan Lost, 0-2
Levine Jeff Engelken David Won, 2-1
Lewis Andrew Blatnick Brandon Won, 2-0
Lipp Scott Behlen Andrew Intentional Draw
Martin Matt Wandrey Steven Won, 2-0
Mcbee Sean Altemara Chase Won, 2-1
Mcpherson Ryan Anderson Adam Lost, 0-2
Orr Jim Gray Andrew Lost, 0-2
Percopo Joseph Jordan Michael Lost, 0-2
Reidy Ryan Dyke Eric Lost, 0-2
Rossheim David Valastyan Scott Lost, 0-2
Stern Evan Kauffman Jeremy Lost, 1-2
Valastyan Scott Rossheim David Won, 2-0
Vo Nguyen Grandon Kevin Lost, 1-2
Wandrey Steven Martin Matt Lost, 0-2
Winnard Marty Davis Brian Won, 2-0
Zappelli Joey Chapman Eric Lost, 0-2





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