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Junior Super Series Championship


Semifinals Preview

Stephen McArthur (Necro) vs Blake Quelle (Combo)

Despite the many disruption spells it features, this matchup promises to be difficult for the Necro deck. Necro is not able to win very quickly and, no matter how much McArthur disrupts Quelle's hand, drawing a Yawgmoth's Will, or a way to get Yawgmoth's Will such as Intuition can often win him the game on the spot. Rain of Tears will be helpful but Quell should still manage a win in this matchup.

Predicted result: Quelle 3 - McArthur 1

Mark Landers (Hatred) vs Rodney Burt (Necro)

In the previous round, we witnessed Landers walk over his opponent's Necro deck 3-0. The deck he just beat sided Stronghold Taskmasters and had at least some creatures maindeck. Rodney Burt's deck does not. Burt is not going to win this matchup short of divine intervention. He may be able to pull one game, but if Landers has good draws even that much is uncertain.

Predicted result: Landers 3 - Burt 0

David Fornalski (Necro) vs Jeff Sluzinski (Necro)

In the mirror matchup Persecute and Rain of Tears are some of the more important factors (although a bit of luck could not hurt either). Fornalski's advantage in this matchup is starting 3 Persecutes and 3 Rains in his deck. This gives David an excellent chance to win the first game.

After sideboarding each player will have four Persecutes and three Rain of Tears, leaving the outcome to skill and luck of the draw. This matchup is very close, but first game advantage allows Fornalski to remain a favorite.

Predicted result: Fornalski 3 - Sluzinski 2

Aaron Hiemstra (Sligh) vs Scott Lipp (Combo)

Lipp has a serious advantage in this matchup - his opponent is not sideboarding any Pyroblasts. Basically each deck ignores the other, each following its own path to victory. Barring subpar draws, Lipp should be able to win faster than Hiemstra in game one. After sideboard Hiemstra's only new weapon are Shattering Pulses and they are likely to be too slow to stop the explosive combo deck.

Predicted result: Lipp 3 - Hiemstra 1

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