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Junior Super Series Championship


Quarterfinals Feature Match


Rodney Burt vs. Nick Hartman


From the moment the competitors sat down, Rodney Burt maintained a steady stream of chatter while Hartman sat quietly, staring at his cards. Their decks mimicked their actions in game one, as Burt started with a Duress on turn one, and a Necropotence on turn three. By contrast, Hartman's first non-land card was a turn four Mogg Fanatic. The game was effectively over by that point, as Burt drew sixteen extra cards over the next four turns. On the way, he stripped Hartman's hand of two Wildfires. However, Burt ran out of steam as Hartman drew a great deal of direct damage and burned his opponent out with Shocks.

In game two, Burt continued his talky ways with the statement "I'm going to choose to play first in this game of Magical cards." Hartman tersely replied, "Good choice."

Burt started with two Urza's Baubles on turn one, and played them again via Yawgmoth's Will on turn four after having played Necropotence on turn three. Hartman mounted a valiant attack with his Ghitu Encampments, but Burt was eventually able to trigger three Urza's Baubles on one turn to draw the Diabolic Edict he needed to stay alive. The game eventually ended with a series of Corrupts and Drain Lifes

Before Game Three, Burt remarked, "I caught that game 'cause my deck's a super freak and I'm a super freak, and we're all freaks." Hartman could think of no response. In the game itself, Burt used a Dark Ritual to play a turn three Persecute, naming "Red", and removing five cards from Hartman's hand. Hartman never recovered.

Game Four saw Burt forced to win without Necropotence as he never drew it during the entire game. Luckily for him, Hartman was forced to play extremely slowly as well, getting poor draws. As Hartman's Ghitu Encampments wore away at Burt, Burt drew Drain Lifes, Bottle Gnomes, and eventually Corrupts for the win.

Burt 3 - Hartman 1

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