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Junior Super Series Championship


Round 3 Results - 15-17 Division

Player Opponent Results
Adams, Zach Mason, Eric Won, 2-1
Allen, Crispin Carey, Joey Lost, 1-2
Baker, Justin Rader, Gaura Lost, 1-2
Brubaker, Jake Myers, Marc Won, 2-1
Cahir, Dan Cooper, Geddes Lost, 0-2
Carey, Joey Allen, Crispin Won, 2-1
Carpenter, Ryan Quinn, Daniel Won, 2-0
Cooper, Geddes Cahir, Dan Won, 2-0
Davis, Randy Meeth, John Lost, 0-2
Del Rosario, Derek Fornalski, David Won, 2-1
Fears, Adam Spica, Joe Won, 2-1
Fink, Erik Thoms, James Lost, 0-2
Fornalski, David Del Rosario, Derek Lost, 1-2
Freneau, Philip Krugler, Christian Lost, 0-2
Goettel, Troy Green, Jordan Won, 2-1
Green, Jordan Goettel, Troy Lost, 1-2
Grodzinki, Tyler Slapak, Mark Won, 2-0
Harrison, Chancey Prokopin, Adam Lost, 0-2
Herin, Chip Stampke, Ryan Lost, 0-2
Hill, Jeffrey Leonhardt, Ryan Won, 2-0
Kambourakis, Joseph Stark, Ben Lost, 1-2
Keady, Sean Morgan, William Lost, 1-2
Keller Thomas Moats, Josh Won, 2-1
Keller, Scott Reinert, Udo Won, 2-0
Krugler, Christian Freneau, Philip Won, 2-0
Laurent, Sebastien Stead, Robert Won, 2-0
Leone, Paul Mincey, Brandon Won, 2-0
Leonhardt, Ryan Hill, Jeffrey Lost, 0-2
Leventhal, Dennis Schmitz, Daniel Won, 2-1
Logue, Tim McArthur, Stephen Lost, 1-2
Mason, Eric Adams, Zach Lost, 1-2
McArthur, Stephen Logue, Tim Won, 2-1
Meeth, John Davis, Randy Won, 2-0
Miller, Cameron Wescoe, Craig Won, 2-0
Mincey, Brandon Leone, Paul Lost, 0-2
Moats, Josh Keller Thomas Lost, 1-2
Morgan, William Keady, Sean Won, 2-1
Moses, Doug Turner, Justin Won, 2-1
Myers, Marc Brubaker, Jake Lost, 1-2
Prokopin, Adam Harrison, Chancey Won, 2-0
Quelle, Blake White Jeff Lost, 1-2
Quinn, Daniel Carpenter, Ryan Lost, 0-2
Rader, Gaura Baker, Justin Won, 2-1
Reinert, Udo Keller, Scott Lost, 0-2
Schmitz, Daniel Leventhal, Dennis Lost, 1-2
Slapak, Mark Grodzinki, Tyler Lost, 0-2
Sluzinski, Jeff White, Cory Won, 2-0
Spica, Joe Fears, Adam Lost, 1-2
Stampke, Ryan Herin, Chip Won, 2-0
Stark, Ben Kambourakis, Joseph Won, 2-1
Stead, Bill *** BYE ***  
Stead, Robert Laurent, Sebastien Lost, 0-2
Thoms, James Fink, Erik Won, 2-0
Turner, Justin Moses, Doug Lost, 1-2
Wachter, Toby Weber, Paul Won, 2-1
Weber, Paul Wachter, Toby Lost, 1-2
Wescoe, Craig Miller, Cameron Lost, 0-2
White Jeff Quelle, Blake Won, 2-1
White, Cory Sluzinski, Jeff Lost, 0-2



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