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Junior Super Series Championship

Semifinals Feature Match

Jeff Sluzinski (Necro) vs David Fornalski (Necro)

Sluzinski started off the game by casting a Duress and removing David's Yawgmoth's Will. Fornalski responded in kind by casting a Duress of his own. He got a no-win situation though, facing Necropotence, Dark Ritual and Yawgmoth's Will. Fornalski elected to discard Necropotence.

Surely enough, Sluzinski cast Dark Ritual, Yawgmoth's Will, Dark Ritual again out of the graveyard and got his Necropotence into play. At this point he was able to overwhelm Fornalski, alternating between casting several discard spells per turn and gaining life with Corrupt/Drain Life.

Fornalski had to mulligan in the second game. His new hand included a Yawgmoth's Will, Bottle Gnome and four Swamps. He elected to mulligan again! Fornalski apparently felt that he would be unable to win with this hand and took a big chance going down to five cards.

The new hand was good. It revealed three Swamps, a Bottle Gnome and a Duress. Fornalski duressed Sluzinski's Yawgmoth's Will. Sluzinski cast a Duress as well, but it didn't do much.

Once again Sluzinski drew a Necropotence when he needed it and a long battle ensued. When the smoke cleared Sluzinski was at one life unable to draw anymore cards, Urza's Bauble being his only hope. However, Fornalski was down to only a few life points as well and his opponent was prepared to cast Persecute next turn.

Sluzinski activated an Urza's Bauble during his opponent's discard phase and drew... a Drain Life! He was able to win the game by using that spell next turn.

The next game saw many, many Rain of Tears being cast. Each player managed to ritual out a Necropotence on turn two and the battle began. Each player kept his opponent down at three lands but eventually Sluzinski managed to get his fourth Swamp in play. This allowed him to cast Persecutes on to consecutive turns. As both players have paid a lot of life already, Fornalski could not recover from losing those two hands and lost the duel.

Sluzinski 3 - Fornalski 0

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