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Junior Super Series Championship

Finals Preview

Jeff Sluzinski (Necro) vs Stephen McArthur (Necro)

Virtually identical decks and sideboards will mean this matchup is basically a coin flip. A player to cast his Necropotence early has a much better chance to win. A player to draw more Duresses and Persecutes increases his own chances. McArthur has slightly more sideboard cards against his opponent - a fourth Corrupt and four Rain of Tears (as opposed to three in Sluzinski's sideboard). This might make a little bit of a difference and since we have to guess here, it makes McArthur a favorite.

Predicted result: McArthur 3 - Sluzinski 2

Aaron Hiemstra (Sligh) vs Mark Landers (Hatred)

Direct damage, Fireslingers and Cursed Scrolls do not bode well for a deck that deals a lot of damage to itself via cards such as Hatred, Carnophage and Sarcomancy. Sligh is the worst possible matchup for this deck and so Hiemstra should cruise on to an easy victory.

Predicted result: Hiemstra 3 - Landers 0

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