Sketches: Spelljack

Posted in Feature on May 14, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

This week's Sketches looks at the Judgment card Spelljack. Spelljack was illustrated by Pete Venters, who has been doing Magic cards since Antiquities.

1. Art Description

These are the instructions given to the artist:

"This is a blue card and should show a blue wizard catching a green spell out of the air. It trails down into his open spellbook creating some sort of diagram in the book." The card was originally called "Super Desertion," playing off the Visions card Desertion.

2. Sketch

This is the preliminary sketch submitted by Pete.

3. Final Art

Here is a large version of his final piece. He chose no to include leaves as part of the green spell.

4. Card

Finally, here is the card as you all know it today. The image was flipped horizontally by the art director for aesthetic reasons.

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