Sketches: Vedalken Entrancer

Posted in Feature on July 4, 2012

By Monty Ashley

One of the fun things about a core set, from the point of view of the person who does the Arcanas (that's me!) is that reprints provide an excuse to look back at interesting things we didn't have time or space to talk about when they actually happened.

Such is the case with Vedalken Entrancer, which is making a triumphant return in Magic 2013 after not having been seen since its original appearance in Ravnica: City of Guilds.


Here's the original art description that was given to Dan Scott:

Color: Blue
Location: Your choice in the city
Action: Show a hooded Vedalken adviser pointing something out of frame.
Focus: The Vedalken advisor
Mood: Alert, watchful
Notes: he commands things to "untap" at will

This was years ago (Ravnica came out in October 2005), so art descriptions were different then. The art director is now less likely to include a description of what the card does, for example. Anyway, here's what Dan's first sketch looked like.

Vedalken Entrancer | Sketch by Dan Scott

The creative team asked for another version of the entrancer's hood, and Dan gave them this:

Vedalken Entrancer | Sketch by Dan Scott

This was close to what they asked for, but they needed further changes. The final sketch was even more different, featuring a left-right swap and the hood's removal altogether.

Vedalken Entrancer | Sketch by Dan Scott

That was the final version, which can be seen in Ravnica packs and, soon, in Magic 2013 booster packs.

Vedalken Entrancer | Art by Dan Scott

Seven years later, it's normally hard to tell why the hood needed all that work. That first version looks just like a Vedalken wizard, right? See why they needed Dan to revamp it below.

Vedalken Dismisser | Art by Dan Scott

Vedalken Entrancer wasn't the only Vedalken wizard in Ravnica! Dan Scott also illustrated Vedalken Dismisser, which had to be distinguished from the entrancer somehow. It would be confusing if these two cards showed characters who were dressed the same, right? That's also why Vedalken Entrancer got flipped horizontally; the glowing hand had to be moved to a different part of the card.


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