Skies N' Guys

Posted in Feature on October 10, 2012

By Conley Woods

Ravnica has returned to the Standard scene and it is already making big waves. While initial speculation had decks like Jund or Green-Blue Zombies potentially being powerful in the new metagame, thus far we have seen a little bit of every guild popping up. Last week, we checked out a Standard Selesnya deck, but what about the Azorius? With many of the key components of Delver rotating, white-blue decks that fall on the aggressive side seem to have an uncertain future, but Andrew Jessup still felt confident in our favorite lawmakers.

Geist of Saint Traft

Andrew showed up the TCGPlayer Open in Hartford this past weekend with a new take on white-blue aggro. Andrew was tired of looking at the top of his deck for an instant or sorcery and instead wanted to know what he was getting before using up his mana. This particular list has a heavier reliance on tribal synergies, even though one particular tribe is not called out—but rather, multiple. Champion of the Parish grows large from most creatures in the deck while War Falcon has plenty of plays that turn it online for turn two.

Some interesting choices in this list include cards like Elite Inquisitor, which was surely in anticipation of Zombies being a popular strategy. Lyev Skyknight is a card I am not sure will stick around long as a go-to white-blue option, but it seems to have served Andrew well. If nothing else, it does provide the deck with a nice Restoration Angel target, which the deck is lacking for the most part. The list gets to make use of every mode on Azorius Charm as well, which just adds value to an already cool-looking list!

Andrew Jessup's Azorius Aggro

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