Posted in Feature on April 18, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Paul Sligh's Sligh

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It's Common Week! To celebrate, Daily Decks brings you one of the game's all-time most important decks. The Sligh deck was named after the first player to play it successfully, Paul Sligh, though it was designed by Jay Schneider. It's not all commons by any means, but in its day it was a breakthrough in deck development. Paul used such "unplayable" cards (and commons) as Ironclaw Orcs and Brothers of Fire to ensure he had creatures to cast each turn of the game. While others laughed at his "bad" cards, Paul won match after match. The Sligh deck remains one of the game's most famous decks to this day, all because its pilot wasn't afraid to shake things up with a few commons.

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