The Solution

Posted in Feature on September 5, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Zvi Mowshowitz's The Solution

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In honor of the Hall of Fame ballots being tabulated this week, Daily Decks is examining current Hall of Famer’s most famous creations. While Zvi Mowshowitz is a veteran deck builder, the creation that earned him his first Pro Tour title was a blue-white concoction simply dubbed "The Solution." Expecting a horde of red-green decks at Pro Tour–Tokyo Zvi came prepared with protection from red creatures like Crimson Acolyte and Galina's Knight ready to rip Skizziks to shreds. When asked for a comment on the deck now, Zvi said:

"A long time ago I famously claimed that if a spell cost four or more mana it has to win the game on the spot or it isn't worth playing. As you'll notice from my deck list above, I had 2/2 fliers for four mana that most certainly didn't win the game immediately and yet I managed to do just fine. So, just for the record since I see this quote come up repeatedly every time a new set is printed: whether or not it was true back then, the idea that any spell over three mana has to be an immediate win to be playable is patently ridiculous now."

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