Standard Showdown Decks, Week 1

Posted in Feature on December 2, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

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The second round of Standard Showdown events is this weekend, but if you need inspiration for what to play, we'll be publishing decks from the previous weekend every Friday. If you want to just see decklists, scroll down.

I received a lot of cool decks (you can email to see your deck here next week), but I also received a lot of cool notes from players and stores just saying how much fun the event was. Here are just a few things people wrote while sending in their decklists:

"I finished with a 2-1 record, losing to the very fast Black-Red Madness deck. This promotion is really fun, and I can't wait to play again next week!"

The overall consensus seems to be that midrange-biased red-white decks like this aren't viable against white-blue flash decks, which might be true in large, high-level tournaments. But at the local level, the metagame remains diverse enough that decks like this perform just fine. If you're nervous about taking this deck—or even your own brew!—to Standard Showdown or Friday Night Magic, don't be. On the ground, people play all sorts of different things.

Just today I played against two different Blue-Black Metallurgic Summonings Control decks, including one that cast Saheeli's Artistry on its own Torrential Gearhulk with Metallurgic Summonings in play, and yeah, I didn't win that game. My friend went 3-1 with Bant Panharmonicon Combo and won a lot of games with infinite Eldrazi Scions.

The truth is that at your local store, most people don't play the deck that won last week's Grand Prix or Open. Most people have a favorite deck that they update bit by bit over time, or they have cool brews they tune from week to week. So don't be afraid to get your own cool deck ideas out there. Pros will tell you Standard is reduced to White-Blue Flash and Black-Green Delirium. Don't believe the hype—especially not at FNM or Standard Showdown.

I decided to have fun, and as the whole point of Kaladesh was to be an inventor, I wanted to make a mono-Kaladesh Johnny deck that was single-minded in its focus: all Thopters, all the time, built around the wonderful energy engine of Whirler Virtuoso, Decoction Module, and Panharmonicon.

My first game, I sat down against a friend who was playing your bog-standard Black-Green Delirium deck, with your Flayers traversing and your Spiders spawning and all that jazz. Boring, right? He went through the motions with his deck, hitting me for a ton with pumped up flayboys, and meanwhile I sat and played out the perfect hand. Reckless Fireweaver turn two. Decoction Module turn three. Panharmonicon turn four. A second decoction followed by a Whirler Virtuoso on turn five, and suddenly, with a live Emrakul in his hand, my friend found himself in a swarm of ten thousand buzzing Thopters, each doing 1 point of damage as they came. It was the best day.

(Translated from Japanese)
"Regular people missed the event due to the Grand Prix, but we expect attendance to increase next time. There were people who returned [to Magic] for the first time in fifteen years!"

I have been playing Standard for about half a year. I really enjoy it when I get to play, but there aren't many people in my community who play it. We've only been able to make around ten Standard tournaments. But despite the lack of Standard players, people came out for the Standard Showdown and it was a ton of fun. There was a good feel and diversity in serious players and more casual, care-free players. The addition of more special prizes was great. I, being the more competitive player and person I am, took it seriously and wanted to win more than normal, but I was also able to accept my one loss with the support of the other players and move on. I had a great time, and I hope Wizards presents more events like this in the future.


Below you'll find a selection of decks from the first week of Standard Showdown, divided by record. There's also a section of submitted decks for which we don't know the records, but they were pretty cool decks anyway.

These are just a fraction of the lists we received (we received around 150 submissions), but we think they're pretty sweet. Enjoy!


Blue-Black Metallurgic Summonings

Download Arena Decklist

Jeskai Spells

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Red-Green Pummeler

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White-Green Energy Control

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Aetherworks Delirium

Download Arena Decklist

Aether Wallop (Red-Green Energy)

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Red-White Vehicles

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X-1 (3-1 or 2-1)

Black-Green Delirium

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Black-Green Eldrazi Land Destruction

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Grixis Control

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Four-Color Zombie Emerge Delirium

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Eldrazi Control

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Green-White Humans

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Black-Green Eldrazi

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