Starter 2000

Posted in Feature on August 14, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

  • Two decks featuring illustrated cards of creatures and spells
  • Two 15-card packs with more advanced cards for expanded game play
  • A collectable premium card featuring exclusive art
  • Two play guides to take you and your opponent through the game step by step
  • An easy-to-read rulebook for complete rules reference
  • Two playmats with scorekeeping disks
  • A CD-ROM loaded with exciting mini-games that cover every aspect of Magic play
  • If you are a new Magic: The Gathering trading card game player, then the action starts here.

    Grab a friend. Open a deck. Everything for two players is in the Magic Starter Trading Card Game. You each get one of the illustrated decks. No board. No spinner. Just you, your opponent, the cards, and some ingenuity. The action hits fast and furious as you fight to reduce your opponent's score from 20 to 0 using powerful creatures and spells.

    Exciting CD-Rom now included!

    The Magic Starter trading card game now comes with a CD-ROM loaded with exciting mini-games that cover every aspect of Magic play.

    Are you ready for the battle?
    Try it and see!

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