Posted in Feature on March 28, 2013

By Sam Black

Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013.

Stompy used to be the name give to mono-green aggro decks, starting with the success of Rogue Elephant in tournaments around the dawn of time. It's not a name that gets used much anymore, largely because mono-green aggro isn't often a very good strategy these days.

Rogue Elephant

Pauper is an unusual format, though. Because most good dual lands are uncommon or rare, the mana in Pauper is pretty bad, and a vast majority of decks are either one color or rely heavily on artifacts.

On top of that, large and powerful creatures that desperately need to be answered, like Titans, Angels, and Dragons, don't exist at common, while green's creatures tend to be more efficiently costed than other colors. What this means is that green gets rewarded for its theoretical creature strength more than it does in normal Constructed formats (where the fact that most of the creatures that are played are rare lets them bend the color pie a little more than usual, and generally be better than common creatures in their color in a way that puts them on the same level with green creatures) and it doesn't really get punished for its lack of removal.

The result is that, after the unfair decks were recently banned, Mono-Green Aggro, or "Stompy," seems to have emerged as the top deck—not what I would have predicted from what has, ironically, been one of the most powerful and unfair formats for most of the last few years.

As a final last bit of irony, this deck, while being a mono-green deck based on commons, somehow manages to build an offense composed almost entirely of creatures that are extremely difficult to block—probably the last thing green is known for. It's nice to see combat tricks getting some respect outside of a poison deck, though.

Hamatora's Pauper Stompy

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