Stonewall Stonebrow

Posted in Feature on September 20, 2012

By Conley Woods

Every—or should I say, most—Thursday here at Daily Decks, we like to take a look into the world of Commander. Despite being a relatively young format compared to Legacy or Standard, there is a huge following for it and therefore there is a lot of information to be had. One trend that we have seen recently are commanders who are played mostly for their color scheme or raw power level, but who might not be the most cohesive with the overall strategy. While this is a fine approach some of the time, building around your commander also has a lot of merit to it, so today I wanted to focus on just that.

Stonebrow, Krosan Hero

Over at, Abe Sargent recently wrote about a Commander list with Stonebrow, Krosan Hero as the backbone of the deck. Now, Stonebrow is fine on his own, but he really shines when you are able to fully take advantage of his ability. If you manage to have a couple of trample guys out before casting him for the first time, he essentially plops down a more appropriate Tempered Steel for your team, which is quite strong. The trick is finding enough good Commander creatures that also come with trample to really make the deck flow.

Abe included plenty of powerful tramplers from Magic's rich history. Primeval Titan can be found, being busted as always and still getting pumped up by Stonebrow. Panglacial Wurm helps turn your fetch lands into threats in the late game. And Boartusk Liege provides you with a different type of lord, while benefiting from Stonebrow himself. Even if you manage to end up with a creature without trample, like say Acidic Slime, Abe included some trample granters, such as Kessig Wolf Run, in the deck as well. Make room for Rancor or Loxodon Warhammer if you feel the need and be sure to go read about the deck in more depth here!

Abe Sargent's Homebrew Stonebrow

Download Arena Decklist

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