Summer of Magic

Posted in Feature on June 9, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

This year Magic: The Gathering reaches its 10th year. To celebrate this, numerous events and promotions will be organized throughout the year and we want YOU to be part of this celebration!

How? …. Just watch out for the “Summer of Magic” organized in a store near you!

The Summer of Magic is:

  • 2 weekends of fun to enjoy the most memorable cards of the past
  • 1 weekend to celebrate the launch of 8th Edition and last but not least the free web based contest.

July won’t ever be this exciting again!

On July12-13th and July 19-20th many European local stores will be organizing different kinds of Magic: The Gathering events. Wizards of the Coast has opened its vaults and released lots of exciting product from the past. Once the dust is removed, you can be sure, there will be lots of mind blowing tournament formats around! You never had the chance to experience older sets or you want to play that one particular set one more time? Now is the time to do it. Contact your local store for more information. Not only will there be exciting prizes to be won during those first 2 weekends, but every participant will receive a voucher that he can turn in at any 8th Edition Launch Event in return for an exclusive Magic: The Gathering 10th Anniversary life counter (as long as supply lasts).

Highlight of the Summer of Magic is definitely the worldwide 8th Edition Launch Event on July 26 – 27th. You will be able to play with the brand new Core Set featuring the new Magic card face and lots of old and new cards. Every participant will receive a special Foil card. The format will be Sealed Deck with 5 boosters 8th Edition. Check this list for an 8th Edition Launch Event near you.

And last but definitely not least…

Enter our free web contest and be 1 of the 16 players to win a trip to Berlin for the 10th Anniversary Celebration Draft on Sunday August 10th. Among all subscribers 16 players will be selected at random and the winners will be contacted personally on Thursday July 31st. You can register for the contest until midnight (12am) Central European Time on Monday July 28th. Interested? Go to our registration page and maybe you’ll be travelling to Berlin in a couple of weeks. This contest is only open to European residents.

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