Summer of Magic

Posted in Feature on June 26, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

FeketeCsabai ut 31.Bekes3612167053
Fonix ClubHaller str. 27.Budapest3612167053
Kaosz FellegvarVar u. 10/cDebrecen3612167053
Camelot KartyavarKisasszony str. 23.Eger3612167053
FokuszGyörgy u. 56.Erd3612167053
Dealer Bt.Szechenyi ut 1Nyiregyhaza3612167053
Fordan CenterBajcsy Zsilinszki 14-16.Pecs3612167053
New GameBatthyányi u. 22.Szolnok3612167053
Oladi Muvelodesi HazKoszeghy str 10.Szombathely3612167053
ArthurSarberki ltpTatabanya3612167053
Sarkanytuz VeszpremAdy u. 3.Veszprem3612167053
Sarkanytuz ZalaegerszegEotvos u. 1-3.Zalaegerszeg3612167053

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