Summer of Magic

Posted in Feature on June 27, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Legenda2-B Bogatirskaya st.Kiev80444613161
Fortressst.Sevastopolskaya 114aSimferopol380652493541
Arrival6/1 Lva Tolstogo st.Chernovtsi0372223515
Mages GuildKharkovskih Divizij 15/1Harkov505989148
Intelectstr. Marazlievskaya 34aOdessa380482637287
Dungeon177-B Krasnodarskaya st. ap.10.Harkov05727116410
Spellscape ul. Kosmonavtov 7 Vinnitsa380503183693
TeferiOstrovskogo 11/164Donetsk380503264949

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