Super FNM Highlights San Diego Schedule

Posted in Feature on February 8, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Got the winter blues? Are you looking for the next time you can sling spells all weekend with reckless abandon? Then get yourself to sunny San Diego on February 18-21 to experience all the Pro Tour has to offer!

Invitations to future Pro Tours, cash prizes, iPods, Revised dual lands, foil sets of all Standard-legal cards, Amazon Kindles, selected pieces of Power 9 .... These are just some of the big prizes up for grabs in the four-day slate of public events.

Play in Super FNM and take home this promo card (while supplies last).

Start your weekend early by trying to "live the dream" with the Last-Chance Qualifier on Thursday. The top four finishers in this Zendikar Sealed Deck event earn a spot in the main event and a shot at the $40,000 first prize.

Whether you earn one of those final coveted slots or not, you won't want to miss playing in the biggest Friday Night Magic of the year. Super Friday Night Magic at Pro Tour–San Diego brings a favorite local-store tournament experience to the big stage, and unlike a regular FNM, everyone who plays gets a Ghostly Prison promo foil card.

If Magic Online's your thing, there are MTGO Live Series Booster Draft qualifiers throughout Friday and Saturday. The event culminates in the Live Series Booster Draft final on Saturday night where the winner walks away with $2,000.

Ever wondered what it would be like to play life-sized Magic? Find out Saturday night with Massive Magic!, where fans from the crowd will be paired with Wizards of the Coast R&D members to battle each other using cards measuring three feet high.

The Pro Tour is also a place to meet notable Magic personalities and artists. Get a sneak preview of Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition by battling Robot Chicken's Douglas Goldstein, Mike Fasolo, Hugh Sterbakov, and Clare Grant in the Champions Challenge. Pro Tour Hall of Famer and R&D developer Mike Turian, R&D rules manager and designer Mark Gottlieb, and R&D developer Erik Lauer will also be at the Champions Challenge ready to battle anyone across multiple formats. Artists rk post and Jason Felix will be at the show signing cards and talking with fans.

With a public events schedule running from 10 a.m. until 3 a.m. each day full of big-prize tournaments, 8-person pick-up events across every format, Open Dueling, and much more, Pro Tour–San Diego will satisfy every Magic appetite … and thanks to the new Wizards Play Network Open tournament held Sunday, one fortunate player will win airfare and hotel for Pro Tour–San Juan and be able to repeat the entire experience in May!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your buddies, plan the road trip, and come to Pro Tour–San Diego for an unforgettable Magic weekend. You can see a complete schedule of the Pro Tour–San Diego Public Events here.

Ever seen Magic this big before? Come to San Diego and witness Massive Magic!

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