Super Series Championship Round 4 Results

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By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Result
Altermara, Chase Dunn, Jared Lost, 0-2
Altermara, Chase Dunn, Jared Won, 2-0
Ames, David Kramer, Daniel Lost, 0-2
Ames, David Kramer, Daniel Won, 2-0
Ames, Steve Huang, Toby Lost,0-2
Ames, Steve Huang, Toby Won, 2-0
Anderson, Will Carlisle, Lance Lost, 1-2
Anderson, Will Carlisle, Lance Won, 2-1
Ash, Kevin Boozer, Chris Lost, 0-2
Ash, Kevin Boozer, Chris Won, 2-0
Barbeau, Alex Montgomery, Brock Lost, 0-2
Barbeau, Alex Montgomery, Brock Won, 2-0
Benjamin, Matt Tidd, Sara Lost, 1-2
Benjamin, Matt Tidd, Sara Won, 2-1
Blatnick, Bramdpm Szleifer, Gadiel Lost, 1-2
Blatnick, Bramdpm Szleifer, Gadiel Won, 2-1
Bonomo, Justin Kaplan, Dave Lost, 1-2
Bonomo, Justin Kaplan, Dave Won, 2-1
Brannon, Jenifer Schnapp, Aaron Lost, 1-2
Brannon, Jenifer Schnapp, Aaron Won, 2-1
Brehm, Christopher Hartman, Daniel Lost, 0-2
Brehm, Christopher Hartman, Daniel Won, 2-0
Brisendine, Neil Winkler, Ryan Lost, 0-2
Brisendine, Neil Winkler, Ryan Won, 2-0
Bush, Stephen Santos, Aaron Lost, 1-2
Bush, Stephen Santos, Aaron Won, 2-1
Carnavale, Dylan Sikes, Cody Lost, 0-2
Carnavale, Dylan Sikes, Cody Won, 2-0
Chadha, Carlos Fasick, Jay Lost, 1-2
Chadha, Carlos Fasick, Jay Won, 2-1
Chu, Trevor Ravitz, Josh Lost, 1-2
Chu, Trevor Ravitz, Josh Won, 2-1
Corpe, Lance Chu, Fei Lost, 1-2
Corpe, Lance Chu, Fei Won, 2-1
Curtis, Chris Hershberger, Jacob Lost,0-2
Curtis, Chris Hershberger, Jacob Won, 2-0
Dawson, Eric Culpepper, Bobby Lost, 1-2
Dawson, Eric Culpepper, Bobby Won, 2-1
deMattos, Edward Keating, Robert Lost, 1-2
deMattos, Edward Keating, Robert Won, 2-1
Deuel, John Lucy, Sawyer Lost, 1-2
Deuel, John Lucy, Sawyer Won, 2-1
Devirgilio, Daniel Depace, Mark Lost,0-2
Devirgilio, Daniel Depace, Mark Won, 2-0
Dyer, Cameron Kean, William Lost,0-2
Dyer, Cameron Kean, William Won, 2-0
Folczynski, Jordon Cardoso, Alan Lost, 1-2
Folczynski, Jordon Cardoso, Alan Won, 2-1
Franz, Eric Jan, Michael Lost, 0-2
Franz, Eric Jan, Michael Won, 2-0
Freerksen, Michael Brannon, David Lost, 0-2
Freerksen, Michael Brannon, David Won, 2-0
Furby, Charles King, Bo Lost,0-2
Furby, Charles King, Bo Won, 2-0
Garlock, Ben Freeman, Scott Lost,0-2
Garlock, Ben Freeman, Scott Won, 2-0
Garrido, Ryan Guss, Max Lost, 1-2
Garrido, Ryan Guss, Max Won, 2-1
Geer, Nathan Duewel-Zahniser, Eric Drew, 1-1
Geer, Nathan Duewel-Zahniser, Eric Drew, 1-1
Gibson, John Mcatee, Brian Lost, 1-2
Gibson, John Mcatee, Brian Won, 2-1
Goldstein, Zack Schnapp, Jonathan Lost, 1-2
Goldstein, Zack Schnapp, Jonathan Won, 2-1
Gonzalez, Phillip Pregent, Chris Lost, 0-2
Gonzalez, Phillip Pregent, Chris Won, 2-0
Hall, Andy Evans, Murray Lost, 1-2
Hall, Andy Evans, Murray Won, 2-1
Harris, Russell Miller, Josh Lost, 0-2
Harris, Russell Miller, Josh Won, 2-0
Haxton, Isaac Mahini, Shawheen Lost,0-2
Haxton, Isaac Mahini, Shawheen Won, 2-0
Heathco, Robert Vazquez, Estuarod Lost,0-2
Heathco, Robert Vazquez, Estuarod Won, 2-0
Hill, Zac Thoren, Erik Drew, 1-1-1
Hill, Zac Thoren, Erik Drew, 1-1-1
Hollister, James Perkins, Wesley Drew, 1-1-1
Hollister, James Perkins, Wesley Drew, 1-1-1
Hostetler, Jesse Carignan, Phillip Lost, 1-2
Hostetler, Jesse Carignan, Phillip Won, 2-1
Howe, Ryan Grossman, Jeremy Lost, 0-2
Howe, Ryan Grossman, Jeremy Won, 2-0
Hutchison, John-David Bryant, Justin Lost, 1-2
Hutchison, John-David Bryant, Justin Won, 2-1
Impellizzieri, Anthony Foster, Chris Lost, 0-2
Impellizzieri, Anthony Foster, Chris Won, 2-0
Johnson, Philip Maurey, Tyler Lost,0-2
Johnson, Philip Maurey, Tyler Won, 2-0
Jones, Philip Leehey, Cameron Lost,0-2
Jones, Philip Leehey, Cameron Won, 2-0
Kaitz, Jonah Phelps, Mason Drew, 1-1-1
Kaitz, Jonah Phelps, Mason Drew, 1-1-1
Kaufann, Michael Plymate, Andy Lost, 1-2
Kaufann, Michael Plymate, Andy Won, 2-1
Kauffmon, Jeremy Hall, Mike Lost, 1-2
Kauffmon, Jeremy Hall, Mike Won, 2-1
Kirsch, Geoffrey Carroll, Brendan Drew, 1-1-1
Kirsch, Geoffrey Carroll, Brendan Drew, 1-1-1
Klein, Alexander Taylor, Ross Lost, 0-2
Klein, Alexander Taylor, Ross Won, 2-0
Klingler, Jay Tamblyn, Mitchell Lost,0-2
Klingler, Jay Tamblyn, Mitchell Won, 2-0
Layman, Jordan Melnikow, Alex Lost,0-2
Layman, Jordan Melnikow, Alex Won, 2-0
Leclerc, Shawn Lewis, Jonathan Lost,0-2
Leclerc, Shawn Lewis, Jonathan Won, 2-0
Levine, Jeff Horner, Brian Lost, 1-2
Levine, Jeff Horner, Brian Won, 2-1
Lord, Trak Nichols, Matt Lost, 1-2
Lord, Trak Nichols, Matt Won, 2-1
Lugo, Javier Landers, Mark Lost, 0-2
Lugo, Javier Landers, Mark Won, 2-0
Marotta, Brendon Schonk, Jeff Lost,0-2
Marotta, Brendon Schonk, Jeff Won, 2-0
Maxwell, James Strom, Eric Drew, 1-1
Maxwell, James Strom, Eric Drew, 1-1
May, Ryan Gasparotti, Jonah Lost,0-2
May, Ryan Gasparotti, Jonah Won, 2-0
Mead, Hank Miller, Brandon Lost, 1-2
Mead, Hank Miller, Brandon Won, 2-1
Meng, Richard Simmons, Charles Lost, 0-2
Meng, Richard Simmons, Charles Won, 2-0
Morford, Josh Hamilton, Iain Lost, 1-2
Morford, Josh Hamilton, Iain Won, 2-1
Norton, Douglas Kish, Ryan Lost, 1-2
Norton, Douglas Kish, Ryan Won, 2-1
Orellana, Manuel Sandridge, Nicholas Lost, 1-2
Orellana, Manuel Sandridge, Nicholas Won, 2-1
Ornellas, James Peterson, Joe Lost, 1-2
Ornellas, James Peterson, Joe Won, 2-1
Pensy, Nicholas Brown, Ryan Lost, 1-2
Pensy, Nicholas Brown, Ryan Won, 2-1
Percopo, Joe Devilbiss, Clay Lost, 1-2
Percopo, Joe Devilbiss, Clay Won, 2-1
Philbin, Brent Cassidy, Jonathan Lost,0-2
Philbin, Brent Cassidy, Jonathan Won, 2-0
Pichon, Patrick Johnson, Peter Lost, 1-2
Pichon, Patrick Johnson, Peter Won, 2-1
Pline, Gary Winnard, Marty Lost, 0-2
Pline, Gary Winnard, Marty Won, 2-0
Pohle, Tyler Ferraro, Anthony Drew, 1-1-1
Pohle, Tyler Ferraro, Anthony Drew, 1-1-1
Ponzer, Seth Nader, Johnathan Lost, 1-2
Ponzer, Seth Nader, Johnathan Won, 2-1
Reid, Matt Balla, John Lost, 1-2
Reid, Matt Balla, John Won, 2-1
Reitman, Brent Nguyen, Paul Lost, 1-2
Reitman, Brent Nguyen, Paul Won, 2-1
Rietzl, Paul Brewer, Josh Lost, 0-2
Rietzl, Paul Brewer, Josh Won, 2-0
Roof, Huston Paradis, Bryce Lost, 1-2
Roof, Huston Paradis, Bryce Won, 2-1
Russo, Spencer Valastyan, Scott Lost, 1-2
Russo, Spencer Valastyan, Scott Won, 2-1
Samplawski, Aaron Burnside, Kyle Lost, 1-2
Samplawski, Aaron Burnside, Kyle Won, 2-1
Sandler, Noah Aune, Eirik Lost,0-2
Sandler, Noah Aune, Eirik Won, 2-0
Seitz, Jason Brock, Peter Lost, 0-2
Seitz, Jason Brock, Peter Won, 2-0
Smith, Evan Cole, Kirk Lost,0-2
Smith, Evan Cole, Kirk Won, 2-0
Spindel, Daniel Anderson, Eddie Won, 2-0
Spindel, Daniel Anderson, Eddie Lost, 0-2
Stearns, Nick DeMicco, Gietanno Lost, 0-2
Stearns, Nick DeMicco, Gietanno Won, 2-0
Stern, Evan Desimone, Brian Lost, 0-2
Stern, Evan Desimone, Brian Won, 2-0
Stine, Alex Moses, Brian Lost, 0-1-1
Stine, Alex Moses, Brian Won, 1-0-1
Stoll, Ben Culpepper, Andy Lost,0-2
Stoll, Ben Culpepper, Andy Won, 2-0
Tamblyn, Alex Patrick, Chris Lost, 0-2
Tamblyn, Alex Patrick, Chris Won, 2-0
Thompson, Skylin Gaines, Grant Lost, 1-2
Thompson, Skylin Gaines, Grant Won, 2-1
Tidd, David Milko, Tim Lost, 1-2
Tidd, David Milko, Tim Won, 2-1
Tiller, Trip Martin, Rick Lost, 1-2
Tiller, Trip Martin, Rick Won, 2-1
Tompkins, Casey Crouse, Sean Lost,0-2
Tompkins, Casey Crouse, Sean Won, 2-0
Tracy, Sean Wiegand, Jon Lost, 1-2
Tracy, Sean Wiegand, Jon Won, 2-1
Tu, David Coisson, Ryan Lost, 1-2
Tu, David Coisson, Ryan Won, 2-1
Turpin, Andrew Dorr, Brendan Lost, 0-2
Turpin, Andrew Dorr, Brendan Won, 2-0
Wagener, Joshua Draxler, Rory Lost, 1-2
Wagener, Joshua Draxler, Rory Won, 2-1
Weber, Nicholas Vennucci, Anthony Lost, 0-2
Weber, Nicholas Vennucci, Anthony Won, 2-0
Weiss, Steve Brewington, Bruce Lost, 0-2
Weiss, Steve Brewington, Bruce Won, 2-0
Whitman, Joe Chapman, Eric Lost, 1-2
Whitman, Joe Chapman, Eric Won, 2-1
Wilhelm, Aaron White, Evan Lost, 1-2
Wilhelm, Aaron White, Evan Won, 2-1
Wolfececk, Chris Griesinger, Chris Lost,0-2
Wolfececk, Chris Griesinger, Chris Won, 2-0
Wood, Tyler Kast, James Lost, 1-2
Wood, Tyler Kast, James Won, 2-1
Zbrog, Matthew Adam, Felix Lost, 0-2
Zbrog, Matthew Adam, Felix Won, 2-0

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