Sympathy for the Minotaur

Posted in Feature on June 23, 2009

By Tom Jenkot

Once worthy of guarding Wizards of the Coast itself, the Minotaur seems to be having a bad decade.

Here we see our Greek friend absorbing four:

Lightning Blast | Illustration by Richard Thomas


Victim to tainted brew:

Sleeping Potion | Illustration by Daren Bader


Falling from the sky (experiencing re-entry):

Aether Rift | Illustration by Heather Hudson


Badly beaten, awaiting a decision on his fate from the enemy:

Do or Die | Illustration by Christopher Moeller


Facing certain death at the hands of Phyrexians:

Last Stand | Illustration by Ron Spencer


Reverting to a morph bug:

Backslide | Illustration by Pete Venters


Visiting Dr. Frankenstein's lab:

Head Games | Illustration by Terese Nielsen


Suddenly stupefied:

Dizzy Spell | Illustration by Christopher Moeller



Ray of Erasure | Illustration by Mike Raabe



Surprise Deployment | Illustration by Bradley Williams


Knocked cold by magic:

Venarian Glimmer | Illustration by John Avon


Striking a pose and holding it:

Eternity Snare | Illustration by Drew Tucker


Sickened by his reflection:

Torment | Illustration by Paolo Parente


Pacified en masse by Orim:

Orim's Chant | Illustration by Kev Walker


The lesson is clear: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Minotaurs.

Core Set Survivor!

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Wrath of God

Drudge Skeletons

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