Team Finals Aaron Forsythe (USA) vs Sam Lau (Canada)

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By Kim Eikefet

Forsythe is up 1-0 against Sam Lau.

Game Two:

Turn one:
L: Play Island

F: Play Karplusan Forest
F: Play Llanowar Elves

Turn two:
L: Play Rishadan Port

L: Port Karplusan Forest in Forsythe's upkeep

F: Play Gaea's Cradle
F: Play Birds of Paradise
F: Attack Elves

Turn three:
L: Play Island

F: Play Blastoderm
F: Attack Elf

L: Tap forest during Forsythe's end of turn step
L: Submerge the Llanowar Elves

Turn four:
L: Play Island
L: Play Grim Monolith

F: Play Mountain
F: Play Blastoderm
F: Attack Blastoderm
F: Play Llanowar Elves

Turn five:
L: Play Dust Bowl

L: Port Gaea's Cradle during Forsythe's upkeep

F: Play Karplusan Forest
F: Attack Blastoderm, Blastoderm, Llanowar Elves

Lau scoops, and the team finals go to a final tiebreak match where the two national champions will face each other.

Aaron Forsythe 2 - Sam Lau 0

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