Team Grand Prix Coming in October

Posted in Feature on April 6, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast is excited to announce the Grand Prix held in the San Francisco Bay Area in October will be Team Limited format.

This new three-person team format will feature both Sealed Deck and Booster Draft. Day One will be Team Sealed Deck, with each team receiving twelve Return to Ravnica booster packs to build three sealed decks. All cards must be assigned to a player's deck or sideboard during deck construction and cannot be transferred to another player during that tournament. (Players do not share main deck or sideboard cards.) Day Two and playoff will be Team Booster Draft. The rules for three-person Booster Draft are still in development.

Players will be able to earn byes as they would for other Grand Prix (Pro Club level, Planeswalker Points, Grand Prix Trials), but only one- and two-round byes will be awarded for the Team Grand Prix. More information on byes will be announced in the coming months.

To avoid confusion, the Team Grand Prix in San Jose, California, will be referred to as Grand Prix San Jose in all future announcements and fact sheets, and the Grand Prix in San Jose, Costa Rica, will be referred to as Grand Prix Costa Rica.

In other Grand Prix news, Grand Prix Charleston—originally scheduled for September—has been moved to November 17–18. The Grand Prix originally announced as Grand Prix Los Angeles (May 26–27) has been renamed Grand Prix Anaheim.

Starting with Grand Prix Atlanta on June 30, the alternate-art promotional card is changing to Lotus Cobra by Terese Nielsen. This card will be given out to all players attending Grand Prix for the remainder of the 2012 season (while supplies last).

Along with the Team format, the final batch of 2012 Grand Prix formats also includes Sealed Deck/Booster Draft (Magic 2013 and Return to Ravnica), Modern, and Standard.

City Country Dates Format
San Jose Costa Rica September 15–16, 2012 Sealed (Magic 2013)
Moscow Russian Federation September 15–16, 2012 Sealed (Magic 2013)
San Jose, CA USA October 13–14, 2012 Team Sealed (Return to Ravnica)
Philadelphia USA October 27–28, 2012 Sealed (Return to Ravnica)
Lyon France November 3–4, 2012 Modern
Auckland New Zealand November 3–4, 2012 Standard
Chicago USA November 10–11, 2012 Modern
Charleston USA November 17–18, 2012 Standard
Bochum Germany November 17–18, 2012 Standard
Taipei Taiwan November 24–25, 2012 Sealed (Return to Ravnica)
San Antonio USA November 24–25, 2012 Standard
Lisbon Portugal December 1–2, 2012 Sealed (Return to Ravnica)
Toronto Canada December 8–9, 2012 Modern
Nagoya Japan December 8–9, 2012 Standard

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