Team Up with Magic Extra Life!

Posted in Feature on October 3, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Year after year, the Magic community has come together to fundraise for an incredible cause: Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital. The funds we raise go to children and families in crisis, helping those who need it the most.

This year, we're striving to raise more money than ever before!

But to reach our goal, we need your help. Join our team, fundraise for the cause, and earn an MTG Arena premium card style for your community.

Here's how:

Creators or groups of up to six creators can create Extra Life teams and join the Magic: The Gathering Extra Life Super Team. From October 2, 2019 to 11:59 p.m. PT on November 2, 2019, each team will rally their community and compete against other teams to raise the most money. The eight teams that raise the most for Extra Life will earn an MTG Arena premium card style for the card Inspiring Veteran.

Inspiring Veteran premium card style

The top eight teams will receive the following number of codes distributed evenly among all team members to give out to their community as they see fit.

  1. 7,000
  2. 4,000
  3. 3,000
  4. 2,000
  5. 1,500
  6. 1,000
  7. 750
  8. 500

The codes will be redeemable from November 3, 2019 to January 1, 2020.

Magic Extra Life kicks off in a series of streams October 28–November 1. On Saturday, November 2, we'll stream our 8-hour finale, featuring community favorites and Wizards employees! Throughout the week, we'll be hosting fundraising teams on our channel and keeping the community up to date on who's leading the pack in the creator campaign.

If you have any questions about the promotion, don't hesitate to reach out through email to creators (at)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a team page and join the Magic Extra Life Super Team?

Here are the steps you need to take to join our team!

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Create a Sub Team."
  3. If you have an Extra Life account already, click "Login to your account," otherwise:
  4. Enter your name and basic info and click "Next."
  5. Choose to sign up as a Classic participant.
  6. Click "Create a Team."
  7. Keep your team type as "Extra Life Community Partner" and confirm that at the bottom of the page you are affiliated with the Magic team.
  8. Set your team name and a fundraising goal. Click "Next."
  9. Setup your personal page and choose your personal fundraising goal.
  10. You may make an initial donation.
  11. Wizards of the Coast is supporting the Seattle Children's Hospital, but please pick the hospital of your choice.
  12. Enter in the rest of your information and click "I Agree to the Terms."
  13. Click through and confirm your information on the last page, and click "Complete Registration."

What are we fundraising for?

Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital. These funds go to children and families in crisis, helping those who need it the most.

If I am a top eight fundraiser, how will I receive the codes?

The Extra Life team will email you the codes within one week after the end of the creator campaign, which is 11:59 p.m. PT on November 2, 2019. In turn, you can reward your community with the codes!

How should I promote my team?

Promote your team in your content! You can find Extra Life graphics, overlay options, and a variety of other assets here. You can download our Magic Extra life creator package here.

There are tons of fun ways to promote your team and your fundraising efforts! Make sure to bring it up consistently in your content, and be sure to update your overlay. Post about your campaign on social media! You can run other giveaways alongside our fundraising or rewards for your community if you hit certain goals, like specialty streams.

The options for fundraising are limitless! We're eager to see what you do.

Is there an Extra Life plugin on Twitch?

There is! The Extra Life Twitch extension allows you to have a panel that your viewers click on to donate. Donations go directly to your fundraising total, and viewers never have to leave your stream. The extension can also track your progress toward your fundraising goal and call out top donors.

Once you have your Extra Life account, here are the steps to get the Twitch Extension set up:

  1. Log in to your Twitch Account.
  2. Go to your Creator Dashboard and go to the Extensions Tab.
  3. Search for Extra Life.
  4. Click to install the Extra Life extension.
  5. Once it has installed, click "Configure."
  6. Enter your Participant ID.
  • Find your ID at (or click the "Find my ID" link).
  • Go to your profile. If need be, use the search bar in the top right.
  • Your participant ID is at the end of the URL on your profile page.
  1. Click "Save."
  2. Close out of the config box.

When you're ready to activate it, go back to "My Extensions" in your Creator Dashboard. Click "Activate" on the Extra Life extension and choose which panel you want the extension activated in.

What is Ponies: The Galloping?

Ponies: The Galloping is a limited product release, with all the proceeds directed to Seattle Children's Hospital. The product includes three silver-bordered Magic: The Gathering cards featuring signature characters from My Little Pony. From October 22 to November 5, the product will be available on

If I have questions, who should I reach out to?

If you have questions about your Extra Life page or your Extra Life team, please reach out to Extra Life. If you have questions about Magic Extra Life, our streams, or the creator campaign, please send us an email at creators (at)

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