Team Sealed Deck: Canada First Deckbuild

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Following up with our interview with Gab Tsang, we watched as team Canada went through the deck building process, knowing that with Tsang's earlier comments, they had lofty expectations to live up to.

The process began with Tsang, national champ Ryan Fuller, Nationals finalist Murray "the Mauler" Evans and 4th chair Sam Lau took the product and began dividing it into colors, after which they divided each color into playable and unplayable piles. Sam worked on the blue cards, which were obviously a powerhouse with two each of Waterfront Bouncer, Ribbon Snake, Blockade Runner and Drake Hatchling. Ryan worked on the Black which, despite some efficient kill, was deemed as weak due to the lack of efficient creatures. Gab worked on the very powerful white, which featured a strong Rebel chain, Troubled healer, Defender En-Vec and Wave of Reckoning, and Murray worked on the Green which featured 2 Spidersilk Armors and a number of large Green creatures, including Blastoderm.

In his interview, Gab had mentioned the synergy of the Canadian team, but this synergy seemed to disintegrate as the deck building process went on. While it was understood that Gab was to be the primary architect of the Canadian decks, he needed help with the sorting of cards. When it became apparent that thirteen-year-old Murray didn't have a strong understanding of the cards he was sorting, Gab had to redo his work, leading to time problems.

Also apparent was Fuller's lack of preparation for limited play, made apparent in one exchange between he and Sam where Ryan felt Alexi's Cloak was a poor card until he learned that the card could be cast as an instant. Ryan spent most of deck construction talking with his girlfriend, but did take enough time to put Murray in his place with a verbal lashing when Murray voiced his opinions about certain sub-optimal cards like War Tax being good. When Sam chimed in saying the card was indeed sub-optimal, Murray lashed back "I beat you with it at Nationals" apparently not too pleased with his lack of participation in the deck building process.

In the end, with a strong card pool, the Canadian decks ended up looking like this: Murray black Green with a splash of black for Ascendant Evincar and a couple of kill spells. Gab played a blue-based deck splashing black for 2 Cackling Witch and Scandalmonger, which paired well with his 2 Bouncers. Ryan played the white splashing one Soothsaying, and San played a red deck splashing black for spells that would protect him from anti red creatures.

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