Team Sealed Deck: Netherlands First Deckbuild

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By Trey Van Cleave

The second place Dutch team hosting Tom Van de Logt who finished an impressive 3rd place after 18 grueling rounds, Frank Karsten at 17th, Jeroen Remie at 143rd, and Roel Dols in at 170th. The first place finisher at Nationals in Holland and one of the most talented Dutch players, Kamiel Cornellisen and his brother Jesse the most known player and the 10th place finisher at this year's PT New York were unable to attend due to an expensive family vacation (I wish I had tough decisions like that!). This event allowed Frank Karsten to play for the Dutch team because he was the fifth place finisher. He was lucky enough to come in 9th at the European Championships and solidify a position in the individual competition at Worlds as well as the team event.

They cracked open their sealed decks and boosters and were presented with some solid cards especially in white and green with the only real bomb being Lin Sivvi. She brought lots of friends with her though to help the Dutch Team's chances. The rebel engine was the best I've ever seen in a Team sealed or even a constructed event practically. They had a Lin Sivvi, Lieutenant, double Falcon, Commander, double Nightwind Glider, double Lightbringer, double Fresh Volunteers, Reveille Squad and a few others. Drum roll please as they top the whole chain off with everyone's favorite black Lin Sivvi... you guessed it, REBEL INFORMER. This deck also hosts Wishmonger and Rally and should probably not lose a game much less a match. The other decks could definitely use a boost though.

Van de Logt and Karsten did most of the deck building as they were the most experienced in this area. They narrowed it down to possibly playing the typical Rebel Engine with a splash of black because of the Informer and a Vendetta so as not to thin out the black deck too much. They put the other quality white cards with the blue deck. The rest of the white cards weren't great but they gave the right defensive touch in the form of double Alabaster Wall and Trap Runner. Their blue/white deck is solid with some decent fliers and good ground defense but no Stinging Barrier or Waterfront Bouncer anywhere to be found while the American team opened up two of each!

At first it looked as if Van de Logt was going to take the Rebel deck as he tried to take a couple Vendettas for the deck and make the clearly best deck even more insane. They opted for only one and Karsten ended up in the driver's seat behind one hell of an engine! Van de Logt got the blue/white deck, which I think is the right deck since he likes control and is possibly the best player on the team. Remie and Dols ended up with the beatdown decks. Black had no real bombs but many solid cards and they ended up taking the sometimes risky mono black deck with a couple of artifact creatures but not much of a mercenary engine. The red was extremely thin having only a Thunderclap and a Seal of Fire for real removal and not much in the way of good creatures. The green fat and solid presented nice and much needed support for the red in the form of Saproling Burst and double Thresher beast along with many solid cards like Snorting Gahr etc. etc. (everyone knows how many solid creatures exist in green-no need to point them all out).

The only interesting choices of note were the choice to play Renounce in their Rebel deck. I don't know about anyone else but I think that was the perfect choice for a deck that won't have any problems getting a million and one creatures on the table and they need a way to swarm and win. Renounce gives them just that, especially with Lin Sivvi and Rebel Informer. The only possible mistakes I noted were the fact that in the blue/white deck, which was solid but nothing stellar, they opted not to play the second Seal of Removal or a Rhystic Scrying in a deck that only had 5 spells. In Blue/White you don't need 18-19 creatures and certainly not with the creatures they had. There were some good ones but the Seal and the Rhystic Scrying should definitely go in.

I give them a solid chance of doing well but rumor has it that the Germans have insane decks and the solid decks of the American team with Finkel at the helm will definitely put up a good fight. I personally can't wait to see what happens as the teams vie for some national pride and some almighty dollars, deutschmarks, and gilders!!

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