Team Sealed Deck: Scotland and England Second Deckbuild

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By Craig Jones

The first three rounds of Day 4 were not kind to either of the UK teams. England did their best with a weak set of cards, losing 1-3 to Taiwan and then drawing 2-2 with both Mexico and Denmark, but still saw their position slide to 27th. Scotland fared even worse with individual team members managing only 2 wins and 2 draws between them in the three rounds. This saw Scotland slide to 32nd, 7 points behind England. It would all depend on the next batch of cards.

As cards were not marked, a deck swap was required. The English logged a poor set of cards with little removal and as a joke one of the team scrawled "Good luck, you'll need it," in the top corner of the sheet (and received a ticking off for it). However, ten random teams would be getting their cards returned to them and guess what, one of them was the English. Both Red and Black were very bad, with little quality spot removal. Red did have some quality 4 mana drops, the best of which being a Kyren Negotiations. Black had a little removal as well as a Scandalmonger and Greel, but few other creatures. Blue was fine, Possessing Barrier, bouncers and some good fliers. It also had two Ensnare and an Avatar of Will. Green had four quality fat monsters, the best of which being a Rhox. White looked the strongest with a decent rebel chain including Ramosian Commander and Rappelling Scouts. For extra fatness there was a Charmed Griffin and Silkenfist Order, but unfortunately only one disenchant type card. Possibilities might include B/U for scandalmonger or Greel/Avatar, either rebel W/U or fatty G/U to exploit Ensnare. Kyren Negotiations looked tailor-made for a rebel chain. In the end Terry Matthews got the B/U deck, Anthony Goh took Green/red. The other two members split the rebel chain and added blue for ensnare (Scott Wills) or red for negotiations (Ben Ronaldson)

Meanwhile the Scots were very happy with their decks to the point of making three strong mono-color decks. Blue was stock full of creatures, including the aptly named Saprazzan Breaker and two waterfront bouncers. For card drawing the options included gush and Heightened awareness. Green was packed full of huge monsters. Barry Brown looked at Rhox, Saproling Burst, Rushwood elemental with glee. He only hoped he wouldn't run into bouncers as he chose to go mono color. Ed Ross took the black cards and added white for story circle, reveille squad, and to go with his mercenary chain: Mercenary Informer. Finally the rest of the white went with the Cinder elemental, Searing Wind and Volcanic Wind for Rob Brook to play.

Only 3 rounds to go. Forget about standings, national pride was at stake here.

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