Teams Round 2: Ryan Fuller vs. Vedat Ozfresco Canada vs. Turkey

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By Gary Wise

In one of the best played games of the World Championships, Ryan Fuller taught Vedat Ozfresco a little something about finesse. Fuller, having left the game for half a year following his disqualification from PTLA, returned at Canadian Championships in style, winning the national champion title. Ozfresco, the Turkish Champion, finished 16th in the Swiss here despite receiving two match losses for decklist infractions.

Playing a deck containing twenty-one white cards and a Soothsaying, Fuller's opening hand contained two Plains, an Island, a Steadfast Guard, a Ramosian Lieutenant, a Troubled Healer and Wave of Reckoning. Seeing within two turns that his opponent was also playing blue white, Fuller began the game by trading the Guard for Vedat's Fresh Volunteers before playing the third turn Lieutenant and exploiting his remarkable Rebel chain, which included a Defiant Vanguard and two Trenching Steeds.

Gaining clear dominance of the table, Ryan allowed Ozfresco to mount an offence with 2 Blockade Runners while stopping a number of other evasion creatures from attacking with the treat of his Crossbow Infantry. Eventually, Ryan played the Healer taking a stranglehold on the game, but what he did next was what made the game so remarkable.

Knowing that it was very unlikely that Ozfresco could get a win, Ryan bided his time. Instead of casting the Wave and charging in for the win, Ryan continued to develop his ground forces, with a Silkenfist Order and devout Witness joining the fray. Finally, thirty-five minutes into the match, Ryan lowered the boom, casting the Wave while asking 'so, do you have a counter?' Ozfresco did not, and the two began shuffling for game two.

Fuller's opening hand in the second game contained a Lieutenant, one of his two Trap Runners and the Healer to go with four Plains, allowing him to make the game expire without actually stalling. Keeping his mind on the bigger picture and concentrating on the match win instead of duel win, Fuller demonstrated the difference between the amateur and the professional.

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