Teams Round 4: Ryan Fuller vs. Ondrej Baudys Canada vs. Czech Republic

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By Gary Wise

One of the more exciting aspects of teams day is the constant clashing of national champions, and this round was no different. With their teams in 3rd and 4th place respectively, Ondrej Baudys of the Czech Republic and Ryan Fuller of Canada, both Pro Tour veterans, squared off along with their respective teammates in a match that would ultimately be for 2nd place.

The match started with Fuller, who was heard bragging that his friend Noah Boeken was playing the same deck in Masques block, trading lands with Baudys until Ondrej played a fourth turn Zerapa Minotaur. After Ryan's Trenching Steed was dazed, Ondrej played a Blockade Runner and went on the offensive. When Ryan played a second steed on turn 5, Baudys drew three cards for Rhystic Scrying and Fuller knew he was in trouble.

Ondrej continued the onslaught with a seventh turn Cloudskate, luring Fuller into a trap. Ryan played a seventh land and cast Story Circle naming blue, allowing Ondrej to pay RR for Avatar of Fury. After that, despite Fuller's drawing Mageta the Lion and Parallax Wave, it was obvious the game belonged to the Czech champion.


Game 2 saw Ryan come out faster then its predecessor, with his second turn Fresh Volunteers being Dazed before playing his third turn Nightwind Glider. Ondrej was able to stop the Rebel from doing too much damage with a Spiketail Hatchling, so Ryan traded the two creatures off so that he could cast a more capable Thermal Glider on turn 4, following it up with a Defiant Falcon on turn 5.

Unfortunately for Ryan things started turning ugly. First Ondrej Thunderclapped the Falcon. Then he top decked a Barbed Field to kill the Glider. After Ryan played a Trenching Steed, Ondrej cast Rhystic Scrying, Cloudskate and then Keldon Berserker. Ryan was again able to cast Mageta, but it wasn't going to be able to save him as again Ondrej was able to put on enough damage with the Barbed Field to finish Fuller off.

Unfortunately for Ondrej, where he led, his teammates didn't follow as Canadians Gab Tsang, Murray 'the Mauler' Evans and Sam Lau all won their matches, launching Canada into second place.

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