Teams Round 6: Andre Konstanczer vs. Ryan Fuller Germany vs. Canada

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Andre and Ryan are both long term Pro Tour veterans with many top 32 finishes. But both are fighting to regain past form, having both been off the tour recently. Both regained this form when winning their perspective country's championship. And they face off here to determine who will play the Americans tomorrow.

Andre has a fast and aggressive Red/Blue deck, featuring fast drops like Kris Mage, Veteran Brawlers and 2 Cloudskates, along with good late game cards like Latulla and Spiketail Drake. Ryan's deck is incredible, with constructed bombs like Mageta, Parallax Wave, Blinding Angel and Story Circle. Fuller definitely has the edge, especially after his victory over Finkel, but the aggressiveness of Andre's deck gives him a shot, albeit a small one, to pull off an upset.

Andre opened fast by playing first and dropping Kris Mage, Veteran Brawlers and Chimeric Idol. Rather than trade mana for life, Fuller wisely treated the Brawlers like a Stone Rain, always leaving a mana open. He played turn 3 Seal of Cleansing to kill the Idol, and then at four lands, played Chieftain En Dal. Andre played Laccolith Warrior, which prompted Fuller to play his Story Circle and name red. Andre then gladly played a Spiketail Drake, which would fly over Fuller's measly defender and get around the Circle. Fuller responded by attacking with the Chieftain! This puzzled Andre as he thought about cards like Wave of Reckoning. So he blocked with the not so useful Brawlers. Fuller said to Gary Wise, "Look, Gary! I messed up!" Gary shook his head in disbelief, knowing that a better prepared player would have known what Veteran Brawlers did. Andre attacked with the Drake, which was met with an Afterlife by Fuller. Andre then played an Airship and a Breaker. Ryan played Parallax Wave and took out the Breaker and Airship. Ryan played a Nightwind Glider, which he Ramosian Rallied past the Kris Mage. But the Mage just took the Glider out on Andre's turn. Finally the Wave ran out and the Airship and Breaker returned to give Andre game one.

During SB, Andre considered bringing in Foil and 2 Rishadan Cutpurse. Knowing the late game power that Fuller had, Andre is retrospect should have brought them in. But he won because Fuller didn't draw the bombs so didn't sideboard against bombs he didn't know about.

Game two started with a mulligan for Andre. This game, Ryan got the Sligh draw and played well. 2nd turn Fresh Volunteers, 3rd turn Nightwind Glider and 4th turn Trenching Steed. Andre's first play was turn 4 Laccolith Warrior. Ryan played Defender En-Vec and attacked. Andre blocked the Fresh with the Warrior only to see a Rally and Defender counter take the Warrior down. On Andre's fifth turn he considered playing Warmonger but at 10 life knew it was a losing proposition and chose to not show his card.

Again Andre didn't see the bombs Fuller had in store and chose to not change his sideboard.

Andre opened game 3 like game 1 - FAST. Turn 1 Kris Mage, turn 2 Cloudskate and turn 3 Airship. Fuller Afterlifed the Airship, only to see turn 4 Minotaur. Ryan played a Defender to slow Andre down, and Andre played Wandering Eye and finally got to see Ryan's power cards. Andre revealed Latulla, while Ryan revealed Blinding Angel, Parallax Wave, Ramosian Rally, Story Circle and Trenching Steed. Fuller saw his opening and played the Angel. Andre played the Latulla, which was answered by Fuller's Wave. Ryan attacked and Andre blocked and a Rally sent the Eye to the Graveyards and the players hands were no longer revealed. Ryan dropped a Charm Peddler and continued to attack with the Angel. Andre said go, frustrated with his situation. Ryan dropped a Trenching Steed and Waved out his Defender. The Wave came back and a fresh Defender was ready to defend the Angel from Latulla. Ryan then played Mageta the Lion and Troubled Healer! Andre was in disbelief. At this point Ryan started attacking with Mageta and trading lands for Andre's creatures. But Andre was slow to block and Ryan called over Mike Donais to complain about slow play, as Ryan wanted to win the match to clinch it for Canada. No extra time was given and the players went into extra turns. On the last extra turn, Andre drew Volcanic Winds, which would win him the game if he had more time! Ryan laughed and said that'll teach you not to stall. Andre said he wasn't stalling and he was simply having a tough time doing Troubled Healer math. The banter went back and forth, but that withstanding, the match ended in a draw.

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