Teams Round 6: Murray Evans vs. Jan Brinkmann Germany vs. Canada

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As a beatdown player, Evans had been given Canada's R/G deck. His opening hand was Saproling Burst, Invigorate and five lands. Brinkmann started with five lands as well, along with Cho-Manno's Blessing and Afterlife. Evans went first and played a Forest, and until Brinkmann's third turn both players drew, played a land and were done. On his third turn, Brinkmann puts out Devout Witness, and Evans has nothing worth doing on his fourth turn besides playing another land. On his fourth turn Brinkmann plays a land and a Voice of Truth. When Evans draws, plays a land and says done he is holding Living Terrain and Saproling Burst as his creatures: Amazing cards in limited, but both shut down by Devout Witness.

With both players playing a land every turn, Brinkmann attacks Evans down to 10 before Evans draws Spore Frog and decides it's time to act. He casts Spore Frog, then casts Living Terrain on his remaining untapped Mountain and attacks with it. Brinkmann decides to Afterlife the land into a 1/1 flyer. Given that he was at 20 and in no danger, the Afterlife token would prevent Devout Witness from attacking next turn and the Witness could tap to destroy Living Terrain, there was no obvious explanation why the land had to die, but apparently it did. Brinkmann played another land on his turn and attacked with the Voice to get Evans down to 8. Another set of turns later Evans was at 6 and Brinkmann got a Deathgazer, then Evans got a Shock Troops and took two on Brinkmann's turn to 4 - he tries to block with his Afterlife token, but Brinkmann reminds him the token is white and cannot block Voice of Truth.

At this point, Evans pulls out the bomb: Volcanic Winds. There are six creatures in play, and Evans decides to play around Ramosian Rally and do three each to Voice of Truth and Devout Witness, letting Deathgazer live. Having stabilized, he then pulls out his other secret weapon: Straight out of their old ad campaign, he opens a new pack of Mentos, the Freshmaker. This will continue to be his celebration of a job well done. To top it off the Afterlife token comes in for a point of damage. Brinkmann attacks with the Deathgazer, and the Spore Frog blocks. Evans tries to trade with a Wild Might and pops a Mentos, but Brinkmann plays Cho-Manno's Blessing on the Deathgazer to give it Protection from Green. Brinkmann then strengthens his defense with Kor Haven.

Evans then plays an Arms Dealer and attacks with his Shock Troops and Afterlife token. Brinkmann tries to block with Deathgazer but Evans notes that it is tapped, so Kor Haven limits the damage to one point from the token instead. Brinkmann sends the Deathgazer, and Evans trades it with the Arms Dealer by sacking the Dealer with damage on the stack (and pops a Mentos), and Brinkmann plays the Fresh Volunteers he drew leaving only two lands in his hand. At this point, Evans decides to finally break out the Saproling Burst. To make tokens he empties the rest of the Mentos, and Fuller grabs one as seven go on the Burst, but that's ok: There's a bunch more loose ones in the bag. Brinkmann plays Seal of Doom on his turn, and Evans makes three Burst tokens.

Evans attacks with everything, the Fresh Volunteers block Shock Troops, Evans sacrifices the Troops to kill the Volunteers and after he uses Kor Haven Brinkmann goes down to 11. Brinkmann draws and plays Ramosian Captain. Evans is holding Rhystic Lightning and Invigorate. With plenty of mana, he untaps before using up the Lightning, draws Lunge which he uses instead, uses Invigorate on the Afterlife token and brings Brinkmann down to 3 and into an untenable position.

Evans 1 - Brinkmann 0

Brinkmann started game two, and Evans cast the first creature with a first turn Spore Frog. Next came Brinkmann's third turn Nightwind Glider, then Evans' third turn Horned Troll and fourth turn Rushwood Dryad. Normally Rushwood Dryad would be sideboarded out against a W/B deck, but either he had nothing better or Evans wanted to preserve his mana curve. Brinkmann's next creature was Fresh Volunteers, and on his fifth turn Evans traded with the Volunteers to bring Brinkmann down to 11. Brinkmann played Story Circle on his turn, naming Green, which shut down Evans' offense. Evans played a Spitting Spider and killed off the Nightwind Glider, but in response Brinkmann killed it off with Afterlife, since the effect then killed off the token. For a long time neither player did anything but play lands and creatures. Brinkmann played a Defiant Falcon, and Arms Dealer killed it. Then Ramosian Captain came out, and Evans drew Lightning Hounds holding Seal of Fire and Rhystic Lightning along with three Mountains. He cast Lightning Hounds first, then Rhystic Lightning, and was unable to stop Cho-Manno's Blessing from coming out to protect Ramosian Captain. The Captain brought out Thermal Glider and Repellent Scouts joined it on the attack. Making a calculated risk that he needed time for game three more than he needed to try and find a way around Brinkmann's combination of Story Circle and Protection from Red with time running low, he conceded the game.

Evans 1 - Brinkmann 1

Evans boarded in a Reverent Silence to deal with Story Circle and opened with a bang. Second turn he played Rushwood Dryad, third turn Pygmy Razorback. Brinkmann's first creature was a third turn Ramosian Captain, which fell to Lunge as Evans finished the last of the Mentos. Brinkmann played Thermal Glider. Evans attacked Brinkmann down to 9 as Evans was unwilling to trade off the Glider, and Evans played Blaster Mage with 8:30 left in the round. Brinkmann's turn was another land and Repellant Scouts. Evans attacked Brinkmann down to 7 in exchange for losing Blaster Mage, because he was holding Rhystic Lightning and Shock Troops. At this point Brinkmann goes on the offensive, attacking with Repellent Scouts and Thermal Glider, then playing Troubled Healer with six lands out. Evans can do nothing on his next turn, and Brinkmann then casts Voice of Truth and again attacks. Evans then finds Saproling Burst. Playing a fifth land, Brinkmann does the math and decides to go for the kill in the air, sending all three flyers to get Evans down to 9. Evans makes three creatures, attacks and Brinkmann sacrifices four lands to stay at two. Arms Dealer came out and forced Brinkmann to use two lands to save Troubled Healer. That took Brinkmann down to one land, and Rhystic Lightning could therefore do the final two damage to Binkmann before he could come over for the kill.

Evans 2 - Brinkmann 1

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