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Posted in Feature on December 20, 2002

By magicthegathering.com Staff

This feature originally appeared in Duelist #20. It is presented here in its entirety.

Tempest is the first set to illustrate its entire story from start to finish in its artwork. But why explain when we can just show you…

gerrards battle cryinvulnerabilitypacifismlegacys allure
gerrards battle cry: As the Weatherlight arrives in Rath to rescue Sisay, Gerrard and his crew are suddenly attacked by Volrath's own flying ship, the Predator. Through her link with Crovax, the dark angel Selenia has led the warship to the Weatherlight.invulnerability: The Weatherlight crew confronts the Predator's forces, including the moggs that swarm the ship in search of the Legacy artifacts—one of which is Karn.pacifism: Maintaining his vow to never harm another living being, Karn offers no resistance as the moggs surround him and haul him back to the Predator.legacys allure: The moggs sweep the ship in search of the rest of the Legacy artifacts, sniffing about the holds for them. They are successful in finding and removing all but one of the artifacts.
legerdemaincommander greven il vecno quartersadistic glee
legerdemain: Squee, the Weatherlight's goblin cabin boy, sneaks below deck to save his favorite artifact, "Squee's toy," from the mogg searchers by hiding with it.commander greven il vec: As the Weatherlight crew struggles to hold the invaders at bay, the Predator's commander, Greven il-Vec, boards the ship to personally take Gerrard prisoner.no quarter: Moggs scatter when Greven finally finds Gerrard and closes in on the Weatherlight's captain.sadistic glee: During the battle that follows, Greven's polearm strikes home, cutting Gerrard's lip and driving him to the ship's railing. Greven moves in to finish the fight and take Gerrard back to Volrath.
vhati il dalcapsizesudden impactabandon hope
vhati il dal: Meanwhile, on board the Predator, Greven's first mate sees a prime opportunity to rid himself of Greven and gain command of the Predator for himself. He orders the ship's cannons to be fired on the Weatherlight.capsize: The Weatherlight lists under the barrage of fire from the Predator, destabilizing the smaller ship.sudden impact: The blasts from the Predator scatter allies and enemies alike. Caught off guard by the blast, Gerrard plunges over the Weatherlight's side, reaching for Hanna as she tries to save him.abandon hope: Unfortunately. Hanna is too late to save Gerrard. He disappears down into the dark forest below as she watches helplessly.
tahngarths ragerepentancediabolic edictskyshroud forest
tahngarths rage: Its raid completed, the Predator retreats from the crippled Weatherlight, but the minotaur Tahngarth is not willing to let it go so easily. He leaps to the enemy ship as it pulls away.repentance: Back aboard the Predator, a furious Greven il-Vec confronts Vhati il-Dal about the first mate's treachery in firing cannons at the Weatherlight.diabolic edict: Despite his pleas, Vhati il-Dal faces an ironic fate when Greven throws him overboard to his death.skyshroud forest: Below the two flying ships lies the thick forest of Skyshroud. Gerrard plummets down into these dark woods, crashing through the trees and brush to the muck below.
broken fallstunrootwater shamanoracle en vec
broken fall: Gerrard's fall into the dark forest is broken by the dense foliage but draws unwanted attention from a new enemy—merfolk.stun: The hideous merfolk are denizens of Rootwater, the marsh-like body of water Skyshroud Forest sits upon. The merfolk attack, but Gerrard breaks free with a well-placed blow to the first attacker.rootwater shaman: As Gerrard flees, the merfolk leader orders his patrol to give chase.oracle en vec: After eluding the Rootwater merfolk, Gerrard finds himself amidst a gathering of the Vec on a pilgrimage through Skyshroud. Their leader, the Oracle, believes Gerrard to be a prophesized hero, the Korvecdal.
anointmogg conscriptshand to handgiant strength
anoint: The Vec tend Gerrard's wounds and invite him to join them as they make their way to the village of the Skyshroud elves. Gerrard accepts.mogg conscripts: Meanwhile, on board the Predator, Tahngarth has managed to find Karn, and the two are spotted by moggs while attempting to escape.hand to hand: Once cornered, Tahngarth fights ferociously against the moggs, but soon Greven il-Vec joins the battle and the tide turns against the minotaur.giant strength: The crippled Weatherlight lands in Skyshroud to begin repairs. As Hanna and Mirri head off in search of Gerrard, who they believe may be dead, Orim notes Crovax's seemingly inhuman strength as they tend the wounded.
elven warhoundsmirris guileunstable shapeshiftergallantry
elven warhounds: Hanna and Mirri have not been long in Skyshroud when monstrous elven warhounds pick up their scent and begin to pursue the pair.mirris guile: Using her cat warrior skills, Mirri leads Hanna deeper into the forest in an effort to lose the warhounds and their elven riders.unstable shapeshifter: Even as they elude the pursuing elves, Hanna and Mirri suddenly find themselves confronted by an odd creature that tries to imitate both of their features.gallantry: The shapeshifter attacks, changing its appearance again, and sends Mirri sprawling. Hanna steps in to defend her friend, from the monstrosity, killing it.
natural springelvish furyeladamri lord of leavesinsight
natural spring: Once the shapeshifter is dead, Hanna helps Mirri to a nearby spring, but the running water drowns out the approach of yet another enemy…elvish fury: …the Skyshroud elves. The elves attack, surprising Hanna and Mirri and taking them prisoner.eladamri lord of leaves: They are taken before the elven lord, Eladamri, who has just received into his court other visitors: the Vec… and Gerrard.insight: Gerrard explains his mission to Eladamri, convincing the Lord of Leaves to free Hanna and Mirri.
respitereapduplicityhelm of possession
respite: Eladamri's forces have discovered and surrounded the Weatherlight, but Eladamri—now allied with Gerrard and the Vec—is able to recall them before blood is shed.reap: Once calm has been restored, Gerrard, Eladamri, Starke, the Oracle en-Vec, and the others sit down to discuss Gerrard's plans for reaching Volrath's stronghold.duplicity: Starke begins to suspect that the Oracle has recognized him as a servant of Volrath, and he plots to assassinate the old woman. Ultimately, he is forced to abandon his intentions when her bodyguards unexpectedly return.helm of possession: Meanwhile, the Predator has returned to Volrath's stronghold, where the evil evincar himself awaits his prizes.
coerciontorture chambervolraths cursepropaganda
coercion: Furious that Greven il-Vec failed to capture Gerrard, Volrath uses his dark magic to torture the Predator's commander.torture chamber: Certain that Gerrard is not dead and will come for his companions, Volrath imprisons the minotaur and the golem in his torture chamber.volraths curse: In time, the evincar turns his attention to his two prisoners. For Tahngarth, physical torture…propaganda: …and for Karn, mental torture.
soltari priestintuitionsoltari emissaryshadow rift
soltari priest: Following directions provided by Eladamri, the Weatherlight crew arrives at a mysterious portal, perhaps the only means for the ship to leave Rath. Their arrival is noted by strange shadow beings.intuition: Using ancient texts, Orim the Samite healer is able to translate the runes surrounding the portal. She tells the crew that only powerful magic can manipulate the device.soltari emissary: Ertai volunteers to stay behind and prepare the portal for the Weatherlight's return from the stronghold. No sooner does the ship depart than Ertai is confronted by the mysterious Soltari.shadow rift: The Soltari emissary, Lyna, draws Ertai into her world—the world of the shadows—populated by beings caught between Dominaria and Rath.
reality anchorwhispers of the musecinder marshmetallic sliver
reality anchor: Ertai then does the same to Lyna, pulling her into the "reality" of Rath. The two can then begin to discuss the plight of the Soltari and Lyna's interest in the portal.whispers of the muse: As the Weatherlight crosses Rath after leaving the portal, Crovax feels the draw of Selenia, the dark angel he has followed to Rath.cinder marsh: The Weatherlight reaches the Cinder Marsh, polluted by ventilation ducts that lead to the Furnace of Rath beneath Volrath's mountain. The ducts are a back-door route to the stronghold, recommended by both Eladamri and Starke.metallic sliver: Just beyond the Cinder Marsh, the Weatherlight flies into the massive lair of the slivers, vicios creatures that seem to share a hive mind.
disenchantclot sliverinterdictfurnace of rath
disenchant: Hanna destroys the artificial slivers, but others keep coming, undaunted.clot sliver: Soon enough, Hanna realizes that the slivers must be separated in order to be beaten.interdict: Thanks to Hanna's quick thinking, the crew is able to defeat the slivers and travel deeper into Volrath's mountain, bound for the stronghold.furnace of rath: The Weatherlight next reaches the scalding Furnace, where fire and electricity fill the air.
kindlehavocdeath pits of rathcarrionette
kindle: Gerrard, Crovax, and the others scramble to put out fires that began all over the decks. Crew members cry out in agony as the battle the raging flames.havoc: Orim focuses the wrath of the Furnace on herself when she uses her white magic to heal the injured crew members.death pits of rath: The Weatherlight leaves behind the Furnace and sails on into the Death Pits, where horrible monstrosities begin to awaken below.carrionette: The horrors from the Pits leap aboard, dragging crew members to their deaths. Terrified, Squee scrambles out of reach, bearing his toy as he goes.
heros resolveorims prayersquees toyTo Be Continued...
heros resolve: Gerrard stands his ground against the carrionettes as they close in on him, giving the rest of the crew time to get below deck to safety.orims prayer: With the Samite healer's blessing to back him, Gerrard charges into the midst of the carrionettes, destroying them. As he and Orim turn to escape below, Gerrard realizes the Squee is still on deck!squees toy: As Gerrard rescues Squee and fights his was back through the carrionette reinforcements, Squee accidentally activates his toy—just in time for it to save Gerrard from an attacking enemy. The two escape below deck.Beyond the Death Pits lies Gerrard's ultimate goal: Volrath's stronghold. As the ship approaches the vast fortress, Gerrard wonders if Sisay is still alive within, and if Volrath knows he's coming…

—Storyboard arranged by Michael G. Ryan, Mark Rosewater, and Pete Venters

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