Ten-Land Green

Posted in Feature on July 30, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Lars Hofmann's Ten-Land Green

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When a players first set out to learn Magic, they're often told to make at least a third of each deck lands. But a green stompy deck from the game's history was famous for ignoring that canard in favor of more spells. That deck? The aptly named Ten-Land Green. It played just 10 Forests and yet still managed to cast its spells aggressively. How? By using a few "free" lands in the form of Land Grant and Elvish Spirit Guide as well as playing a number of free spells. Vine Dryad can be cast with no mana, as can Bounty of the Hunt. Quirion Ranger can help Forests work overtime, and a host of other creatures pressure the opponent to prevent them from taking advantage quickly. Neat!

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