Teysa Tokens

Posted in Feature on July 5, 2012

By Conley Woods

Welcome back! Despite the last few days being decks that performed well at recent tournaments, Daily Decks isn't just about competitive Magic. Every once in a while, we like to have some fun too! Commander is the most popular casual format on the planet, and even though I don't get as much time to play it as I would like, I can still appreciate a good list when I see one!

Early in 2009, fresh off of a win in Pro Tour Berlin, Luis-Scott Vargas was busy making White-Black Tokens one of the more recognizable archetypes in the world. Today, Cassidy McAuliffe is trying to do the same for Commander as he doctors Commander lists submitted to him over at StarCityGames.com. This week, he settled on a white-black list not too far off from the White-Black Tokens we are all familiar with. Teysa, Orzhov Scion allows him to keep a constant stream of tokens going, all the while having the chance to just cast more token makers! Cassidy kept the list fairly budget, so we do not see the normal influx of Planeswalkers in the list that we would expect, but that just leaves room for customization!

Remember, in Commander, you cannot have two copies of any card other than a basic land, so some of the synergies of this list might be difficult to assemble, but they are cool nonetheless! Cathars' Crusade plus Increasing Devotion? Yea, that translates into a ton of giant guys! What cool synergies can you find? Check out the full article and transformation where Cassidy covers everything in much more depth here.

Cassidy McAuliffe's Teysa Tokens

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