Tezzeret the Trader

Posted in Feature on August 10, 2012

By Conley Woods

All week here on DailyMTG.com we have been looking at Standard lists, as it has been Standard Week. And as many readers of Daily Decks know, with the release of Return to Ravnica, Scars of Mirrodin will rotate out of Standard. So, in honor of that, I would like to dedicate the final deck of the week to Mirrodin, and in this case, one of the cool new Planeswalkers to come out of that world.

Trading Post

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas was a beloved card before it even hit card stores, and it has been ever since. Unfortunately for the walker, though, he hasn't always been Standard playable due to hostile formats, such as the Delver metagame. Magic Online user batterskull decided that Tez could be back in fashion, though, and it's all thanks to a new Magic 2013 card, Trading Post. Tezzeret and Trading Post both share some qualities, such as being four-mana card advantage engines and requiring artifacts to actually be threats.

Trading Post allows the deck to run things like Wellsprings, which can both be sacrificed to draw cards or be turned into 5/5s with Tezzeret. This gives the deck a second "build around," allowing it to function at the highest level with seven different cards in the deck, rather than four, which used to be the case. This list can set up extremely deep lines of play, usually involving Trading Post hitting every ability somewhere in the chain. With all of the artifacts on display in the deck, as well as the Agent that controls them all, this deck really is in homage to Scars of Mirrodin, and you still have a few months to get out there and play it!

Batterskull's Tezzeret Post

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