The Three-Bye Players

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Rui Oliveira

It happens in every single Grand Prix outside the US: big name players make the trip down to the exotic location to enjoy a new place and above all their three byes. With normally seven rounds in the first day having three byes means you are two wins away from making the second day and with extra help in the tiebreakers. Curitiba is no exception and the usual two fields start to form: the top local players and the invaders. In the three Brazilian Grand Prixs so far the brazilians can be really proud of themselves. The lost the first to, a then less-letal, Jon Finkel but bounced back with Rafael Alvarenga winning in Sao Paulo and Carlos "Jabaiano" Romao, who only has two byes today, winning last year in Rio de Janeiro.

Here is a look at the contenders this time around.

The home team (with three byes):

  • Fernando Bandeira
  • Marcio Araujo
  • Itiberê Ewerling
  • Hederson Barcelos
  • Mani Gabriel
  • Rhodner Paiva
  • Eduardo Sella
  • Carlos Zaniolo Filho
  • Fabiano Lucindo
  • Raphael Gunther
  • Matheus Chaud
  • Ricardo Barros
  • Christiano Pereira
  • Rafael Alvarenga
  • Ary Capristrani
  • Rodrigo Possamai
  • Paulo Rosa
  • Rafael Negrini
  • Daniel Brasil
  • Rafael Santos
  • Claudio Rodrigues
  • João Filho
  • Dawton Possato

The outsiders (again with three byes):

  • Carlos Huarapil Hidalgo (Chile)
  • Olivier Ruel (France)
  • Antoine Ruel (France)
  • Ryan Fuller (Canada)
  • Andres Cruz (Chile)
  • Rafael Le Saux (Chile)
  • Jose Paredes (Chile)
  • Felipe Fernandez Herrera (Chile)
  • Adrian Saredo (Argentina)
  • Diego Ostrovich (Argentina)
  • Matias Gabrenja (Argentina)
  • Lorenzo Bollati (Argentina)
  • Leonardo Espinosa (Argentina)
  • Lucas Ramirez (Argentina)
  • Alex Shvartsman (USA)

As you can see we have a few big names here with the Ruel brothers and Fuller making the long trip to the tropics instead of heading to Las Vegas. Can the Brazilians defend their home turf? Will any of the visiting big names ruined their dreams? We will see tomorrow but keep checking the coverage for more information about these big names, and maybe a few rising stars we missed in the middle of the 330 players.

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