Through the Fog

Posted in Feature on October 18, 2012

By Conley Woods

Welcome back to Daily Decks! This week, we are taking a look at the results from the 2012's. Today, we feature a list from my home state of Colorado! Eric Weeden showed up to the tournament with an old favorite that has been absent from Standard for quite a while: Turbo Fog.

Otherworld Atlas

Turbo Fog is a deck that has 3 real goals behind it. The first is to just stay alive.This might seem like something that every deck wants to do, and it is, but Turbo Fog goes about it in an entirely different way. While most decks want to be blocking and casting removal spells to stay alive, Turbo Fog decks look to prevent as much damage as possible through Fog effects available to them. This plan may falter if the opponent is trying to win through non-conventional methods, but when it comes to combat damage, Fog is a pretty good way of taking a turn off. At some point, all of those Fogs require the opponent to overextend, allowing a timely sweeper to set your opponent back to zero.

From there, Turbo Fog needs to find a way to win though. Because the deck devotes so much of its space toward Fog effects and drawing more of them, it cannot really turn to conventional methods to win. Just a few creatures would be prone to removal, and there isn't a chance to fit in enough burn to actually win with, so instead Fog turns to much of the same. All of that card advantage, like Otherworld Atlas, turn from your engine into your win condition. With a little help from a planeswalker or two, the Howling Mine effects eventually catch up to your opponent, forcing them to draw their entire deck. You may be wondering how the Turbo Fog player does not also deck, but that is solved by shuffling your graveyard into your library by things like Elixir of Immortality. With Return to Ravnica, the deck picked up the perfect tool to accomplish both of these things in Psychic Spiral, which is probably why Eric decided to give the deck another shot.

Eric Weeden - Turbo Fog

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