Time Spiral Orb of Insight

Posted in Feature on August 28, 2006

By magicthegathering.com Staff

The Orb of Insight has returned!

Almost surely the most anticipated Orb in magicthegathering.com history, this one holds the keys to unlock many of Time Spiral's mysteries. As you read this, Time Spiral is probably the most secret set in a very long time at this stage, so we're hoping you'll find the Orb of Insight that much more fun to play with.

How does it work? Well, that's kind of trade secret, but we can let you know this much: It's Magic.

Specifically, you type in a word (or number) and the Orb tells you how many times that word appears on Time Spiral cards. It doesn't count flavor text, but don't let that deter you from finding out how many times the word "Kobold" appears in card names and rules boxes. You can even enter numbers and mana abbreviations to try and figure out mana costs! (Ancestral Recall would be U, for example.)

In theory, if you entered in every single word in the English language, plus the words and mana costs in Magic, you could put together every single word in the set! Except there are probably some Magic-specific words that appear in Time Spiral for the first time, so you'll probably want to enter in every possible string of letters, just to be safe. And then it should be a simple task to arrange all those words into the names, types, and rules boxes of every card in the set! If you hurry, you might even finish before the Prerelease Event!

What will you end up doing with it? Even we're not sure, but we can't wait to see what all of you find. So, have fun, explore the new set, and we'll see you Wednesday when the Time Spiral minisite makes its debut.

All set? Click here to launch the Orb and get started!

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