A Token Finish

Posted in Feature on September 16, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Brandon Lau's Black/Red Tokens

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Fear. That’s the word that best describes a player facing down a playing field of token creatures when Nantuko Husk, Greater Gargadon, or Furystoke Giant hit the board. Brandon Lau, 2008 Australian Nationals finalist, knows all about that feeling. He used a half dozen token generators, including the easy-to-overlook Kher Keep, to flood the field with innocuous 1/1s. Shortly thereafter said 1/1s would turn into +2/+2 bonuses for the Nantuko Husk, hasten a suspended Gargadon into play, or start Shocking everything in sight after having their fury stoked. For coverage of the 2008 Australian National Championship, check here.

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