The Tokens of Kaladesh

Posted in Feature on September 15, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

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This is an interesting set of tokens, in all the right ways.

First, you're going to notice that all of these tokens are artifacts. That's right, every token you generate on Kaladesh is an artifact of some kind—which makes sense, as we're all creating cool inventions this set.

Next you'll notice that these are mostly new. A 6/6 artifact beast token? Constructs with */* power and toughness? Three types of Servos? All pretty cool.

Check them out:

Finally, we have the emblems for our three emblem-making Planeswalkers this set. May you never see them across from you and may you always have them in your command zone.

You can find these tokens—along with the rest of the cards in the set—at a store near you when Kaladesh releases on Sept. 30!

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