ToolBox Pod

Posted in Feature on September 25, 2012

By Conley Woods

Birthing Pod is an interesting card the likes of which we have never really seen before. Over the past two years we have seen Birthing Pod do just about everything. In Modern, it acted as a consistency tool to help out various combo decks. In Standard, we have seen it as an engine for Zombie decks, triggering undying, and finding Clones every turn. But one thing that Birthing Pod has consistently done is enable main-deck tool boxes with answers and responses to many things, found as one-ofs or two-ofs.

Birthing Pod

Dylan Petze hadn't forgotten about this, though, as he took a four-color Birthing Pod toolbox list to the Top 8 of the recent StarCityGames Open in Los Angeles. If you look through the various creatures able to be fetched up, you can find answers to just about everything. Dylan has fatties like Elesh Norn or Inferno Titan to close out games. Blade Splicer and Elvish Visionary provide the deck with card advantage and time in the early game. And Birds of Paradise and Avacyn's Pilgrim allow the deck to ramp up in mana quite quickly.

Once Birthing Pod kicks in though, the deck goes to a whole new level. Is there a problem artifact, enchantment, or land ruining your day? Why not turn that Solemn Simulacrum into an Acidic Slime. Geist of Saint Traft getting you down? Phyrexian Metamorph, Phantasmal Image, or Elesh Norn got your back. Aggro barking up your tree? Show them a glimpse of Thragtusk and they are sure to back down. But what about that Titan that is about to kill you? Zealous Conscripts can turn that tide pretty quickly. The deck is a lot of fun to play and with only a few weeks before it rotates, be sure to get in an FNM or two with it!

Dylan Petze's 4C Birthing Pod

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