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Posted in Feature on January 14, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe, Content Manager


I started working here at Wizards of the Coast at just the right time – right before a groundbreaking new Magic expansion set gets released. I’m just as exited to show off all the aspects of Torment as you are to see them… so I present to you my art gallery. There won’t be much in the way of card text here – I’ll leave the in-depth analyses to our capable daily columnists. But I can show you some of the great artwork in the set in detail.

Each thumbnail image can be clicked on to open a larger view of the art. And speaking of clicking, I just want to remind everyone of the card view function that we use here on this site and on the Sideboard Online. Whenever you see a card name that is a slightly different color – like this: Black Lotus – you can click on it to see the card. That way, you never have to wonder what we’re talking about.

Here are twelve interesting card images from Torment by twelve different artists. Thanks to Rei Nakazawa for some of the factoids.

Possessed Nomad

Possessed Nomad by Eric Peterson (white)
Just like his counterpart Possessed Aven, the Nomad looks normal on the outside. But the tile floor reflects his true nature…

Anurid Scavenger

Anurid Scavenger by Bob Petillo (green)
If this frog looks familiar, he should. Not only is he one of the species of the creature in the background of Nantuko Mentor, but he’s also of the same race as Turg, Ambassador Laquatus’ old familiar from the Odyssey novel.

Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis by Daren Bader (blue)
Is that a Masticore lying on that table? Why, it is! So what does that mean? Well, the prerelease is right around the corner…


Aquamoeba by Arnie Swekel (blue)
Raise your hand if you thought to type “Aquamoeba” into the Orb of Insight… Didn’t think so. This blue symbiote gets my vote for coolest looking beast.


Petravark by Wayne England (red)
All the Nightmares aren’t black. Chainer’s evil powers reached as far as the Pardic Mountains, creating this red Nightmare Beast. Even though they aren’t all the same color, the Nightmares all do share one trait: tentacles.

Balthor the Stout

Balthor the Stout by Ron Spears (red)
Balthor is a Dwarf Legend, and he packs a punch. Kamahl calls him a “concentrated barbarian,” and I’m sure all the other Barbarians will have nice thing to say about Balthor, too, as he rallies them in battle.

Grotesque Hybrid

Grotesque Hybrid by Terese Nielsen (black)
Early in Torment development, there was a creature called Zombie Aven, and another called Zombie Centaur. R&D decided to combine their abilities into one card, so they just mashed the concepts together. This hideous thing is how it turned out.

Psychotic Haze

Psychotic Haze by Alex Horley (black)
Die, squirrels! The reason the ground is littered with dead squirrels in the art is that this card was created to specifically deal with all the squirrel tokens that Odyssey green decks can produce.

Shade's Form

Shade’s Form by Clyde Caldwell (black)
The art on this creature enchantment is a personal favorite of mine. Its “dungeon adventure” theme takes me back to my fantasy gaming roots. Ah, to be an evil sorceress again…

Zombie Trailblazer

Zombie Trailblazer by Brian Snoddy (black)
Here’s another one that I really like. The illustration has a “Golden Age of Comics” feel to it, like something from “Tales From the Crypt” or “Vault of Horrors.” It’s creepy and scary without being grotesque.


Mortiphobia by Christopher Moeller (black)
Christopher’s original piece was not quite what you see now. Originally, the left half of the painting was much more “alive” – the tree had pink leaves, and the woman’s outfit was made of gold. That wasn’t “black” enough for the card’s purpose, so our crack art team doctored the left half of the picture up to match the right half.


Kev Walker

Fan favorite Kev Walker only did one piece for Torment, but it’s a goody. People around here liked it so much, we used it on the booster packaging. What is the card? I’m sure most of you are familiar with it… Click the image and see!

I hope everyone is enjoying our daily looks at Torment. If you have any comments on or suggestions for, drop me a line at

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