Posted in Feature on November 28, 2012

By Conley Woods

With Nihil Spellbomb gone and Innistrad taking center stage in Standard, it makes sense that reanimator strategies would become more popular. What we generally don't expect to happen, though, are for four or five different reanimator strategies to be viable at the same time. You see, bringing back a large creature from the graveyard is a powerful tactic to use, but usually there is one clearly defined best big guy in any format, which limits variety. In current Standard, though, that remains far from the truth.

Craterhoof Behemoth

Some people seem to be fond of reanimating Angel of Serenity for the card advantage she brings. Others want to reanimate Griselbrand for the explosion he allows. But recently, a different fatty has begun seeing play. Craterhoof Behemoth is a stellar reanimation target because not only does he have an impact the turn he enters the battlefield, but that effect is generally winning the game. Martin Juza was the beneficiary of such a reward when he played with four copies of the Behemoth at Grand Prix Bochum.

Unlike most reanimation decks, this one can actually just cast its Behemoth, usually winning the game on the back of a lot of pumped-up and upset Elves who all got plus a million, plus a million... and trample, to boot! Of course, bringing the big green man back via an Unburial Rites also works just fine, and this deck can certainly do that. With graveyard hate being used to keep reanimator decks down in numbers, this might be the direction to go in the future to avoid some of the hate!

Martin Juza's Hoof, There It Is!

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